Overview: SF/Marin Intergroup Archives would like to capture this unprecedented time in AA’s history where nearly all meetings in the Bay Area have become virtual. We want to ensure that these experiences are captured so future generations of AAs can understand this time and draw on the resiliency and innovation demonstrated. 

If you or another group representative are able, please fill in your responses here to ensure your group history is represented in our Archive!

  • Please complete the following survey for your home group or AA meeting you attend. We welcome stories about the transition process to virtual meetings, the virtual meetings themselves, as well as challenges during the time of COVID and how they were overcome. We also welcome your personal stories during the time of COVID. 
  • Please do include your own personal experiences or stories but be mindful of the anonymity of others and focus on your own experiences. 
  • If you have other digital files/information you would like preserved in our Archive including screenshots please send them to [email protected] with the name of your meeting in the subject line. However, as always, respect anonymity and do not include pictures/screenshots of other members.
  • Please do announce this process and invite members of your group to share personal stories about this time with the Archive, in the last column of the table below. 
Multiple entries for each meeting are encouraged!
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