If the landlord where your A.A. group is held is asking for insurance, San Francisco and Marin Intergroup offers insurance that can satisfy this requirement.

To use the Intergroup insurance, your group must have a written “contract” with the landlord that includes the request for insurance. This contract can be as simple as an email, but it must be written.

To clarify, the insurance policy does not provide coverage for your A.A. group or members of your group. It is only designed to provide coverage for the facility in the event of a covered claim. If you have questions about what is or isn’t covered, please contact San Francisco and Marin Intergroup at [email protected] or (415) 674-1820.

In order to be eligible for this insurance, your A.A. group needs to hold regularly scheduled meetings in San Francisco or Marin counties and also be listed in the online or printed San Francisco and Marin Intergroup meeting schedule.

If one or more A.A. groups are held at the same facility, only one Certificate of Insurance is necessary. The Certificate of Insurance will be sent directly to the landlord, and not to the A.A. group.

* Please note: This is an annual policy which is renewed each January. An A.A. group must renew this coverage each year for the coverage to remain in force for the owner/landlord. It is the responsibility of each A.A. group to provide current contact information to Intergroup to ensure receipt of renewal notices. Updated information can be sent to [email protected] with “Group/Facility Insurance” in the subject line.