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Do you think you have a problem with alcohol? Do you want to stop drinking, but find you cannot quit entirely or have little control over the amount you drink?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, there are a number of ways Alcoholics Anonymous can help.

For confidential support, please contact us.
Call our 24-hour help line now …

  • 415-674-1821, San Francisco
  • 415-499-0400, Marin

Email us at help@aasfmarin.org

Shelter in Place Order for SF and Marin County

As of midnight, March 16, San Francisco and Marin Counties have been issued “Shelter in Place” orders. In lieu of physical meetings, our membership has quickly established remote (Phone / Online) meetings.  At this time, we do not know which, if any, physical meetings are still taking place. Please see the links below for remote meeting listings, how to set one up and how to submit a new listing. We are updating the list as quickly as possible and request your patience as we do so.

Learn more at New to A.A.

Find a meeting

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Intercounty Fellowship of A.A.

Disruptions During Online Meetings Please check back regularly as we try to navigate this quickly moving situation!

If you are new to A.A. or think you have a problem with alcohol please contact us now:
T: 415-674-1821 (SF) 415-499-0400 (Marin)
E: help@aasfmarin.org
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Just as in the physical rooms, meetings on Zoom feature resentments, ringing phones, and other disturbances. In fact, some groups, particularly women's meetings are experiencing  sexually predatory and violent behavior from meeting participants. While this, too can happen in physical meeting rooms, the anonymity of the internet provides a shield for the predators. Fortunately, while not possible to maintain absolute security, there are a number of features available to handle the more disruptive participants. 

Secretary AND Group Admin/Co-Host

For starters, elect a group admin (co-host) whose role is to shoulder the weight of maintaining order during the meeting by managing the participants. This allows the meeting secretary to focus on the meeting, while the admin focuses on the room controls.  

Meeting Participants Window
The Meeting Participants window offers control over most aspects of your meeting and those attending. Zoom has a 10 minute long video that is recommended viewing for all meeting secretaries and anyone who plans to co-host a meeting at any time. 

Key topics include:

  • Removing Participants – connections from that user’s IP become banned
  • Locking the meeting room – nobody can enter the room while locked
  • Unmuted participants rise to the top of the list

Other Features
Consider enabling the Waiting Room for your meeting. You then play an active role choosing who to allow into the room through the participants list.

Consider disabling Join Before Host to keep users out before the host arrives. When “Join Before Host” is enabled anyone can enter at anytime.

Consider restricting In-Meeting Chat to reach only host only during the meeting. Many meetings open it up for fellowship after the meeting.

You can also take a group conscience regarding screen sharing, mute and unmute privileges, chat settings among participants and more.

It is unfortunate that we have a need to address this issue, but doing so and keeping online meetings going will do more to allow the sick and suffering alcoholic to find us than taking meetings underground will. Keep in mind our Responsibility Statement:

I am responsible…
When anyone, anywhere,
reaches out for help, I want
the hand of A.A. always to be there.
And for that: I am responsible.

To read this full post on aasfmarin.org with additional resources and content, click here.

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