Some groups (or meetings) have set up anonymous email addresses named after their real-world meeting. This allows them to publish a contact method, and reply to it, without exposing any individual’s identity; it also allows them to share access to the communications, and to transfer the handling of the group’s communications between people — for example, as Trusted Servants rotate in and out of their service terms.

We offer email accounts in the domain for those for SF- and Marin-based groups that want them. Some advantages:

  • Your preferred address on other email services may already be taken.
  • We can reset the password if it gets lost and no in-account recovery options are accessible.
  • We can offer other account-related tech support which, while still limited, is more than what’s available for a free email account.
  • These are full-fledged Google Workspace accounts, with shareable access to all the other services and functions that come with a Gmail account.
  • It may help with your Seventh Tradition digital contribution strategy.
  • It can look more official to courts if used for “digital attendance-slip signing”.

The email address format is generally ‘’ but we may include additional elements like ‘’ to ensure the addresses are unique and informative.

Whether your group chooses to utilize this service is entirely up to its members, however, please take  a group conscience as part of your decision making process.

To request an email account for your group, please email the following details to [email protected]:

  • Your name and position at your group (e.g.: Secretary, Treasurer, IGR, GSR, Contact, etc.)
  • Your phone number (if we have questions)
  • Your group’s or meeting’s name, day(s), and time(s)
  • Which county in which your group originates (SF or Marin)
  • A statement that a group conscience was taken in favor of this

Once you submit it, a volunteer or staff member will respond with your account details and will be available for help in getting set up.