The Point publishes original articles, interviews, reviews, poems, fiction, photos and illustrations with a local SF Bay Area focus. Our current issue is here. ​Spotify Link for Point:


MISSION STATEMENT: The Point is a monthly newsletter for San Francisco and Marin members to share experience, strength and hope. We welcome stories, letters and art work to carry the message. The Point committee reviews content in observance of the 12 Traditions. Publication does not constitute endorsement by A.A., Intergroup, Central Office or the Point committee.

No one philosophy dominates The Point’s pages. We reflect the full diversity of experience and opinion found within our fellowship. We endorse Rule #62, promote unity and encourage all members to participate.

Email [email protected] about one of the topics below—or anything else you’d like to communicate to the fellowship.

Story Suggestions: A.A. Sayings

  • Success can be as simple as showing up on time and not acting like a jerk.
  • Sobriety means being present for life.
  • Addressing fears is like doing the dishes. There will always be dishes, and we just keep doing them (doing the work).
  • Or any saying you like …

Step, Tradition or Concept of the Month

What is your experience with the traditions? We would love to hear it about it. Deadline is the 22nd of the month before the issue comes out on the first of the month. Stories are usually 600 words (~ a page long).

Editorial Policy

The Point welcomes stories carrying the message of experience, strength and hope. We evaluate articles with the traditions and edit for clarity. We encourage members to tell stories in their own way.

The Point does not pay for articles. We may reprint material without requesting additional permissions, but will always include author bylines. If you have questions, email [email protected].

Event Listing Guidelines

  • The event is sponsored by an A.A. Group, Conference, or Service Entity.
  • The event participation is in harmony with the spirit of the Twelve Traditions, does not directly support an outside entity and posts no commercial advertising on the flyer.

Meet the Committee

Our committee meets @ 12:30 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month via Zoom (email [email protected] for password). If an article is not run in this issue, we will save it in our bank for future use. We appreciate your service!

 —The Point Committee

Contributor Guidelines

Send a Word document with a title and a byline (first name + last initial).

Specific descriptions, anonymously

  • Describe your story so readers can picture it.
  • Send a Word document with a single-spaced, 12-point font.
  • If possible, run spell check.

Many thanks to Claire A, Bara B, John B, Kathleen C, Kurt C, Marcello C-B, Kiki D, Gilbert G, Judy G, Carla H, Peggy H, Teddy H, Bree L, Frank L, Guru P, Michael P, Karmann R, Stephen R, Taran R, Bernadette S, Julie S, Renee T, John W, Marcus W, Henry Y, Emily Z and everyone who contributes their time and energy.