This week I braved scads of phone calls and emails to Humane Societies to “rescue” a dog for the family. We finally found a dog named Rei in Sonoma County. Yet I hadn’t expected self-centered fear to take over as I was driving up north. Apparently Google Maps has a glitch and sent me 14 miles in the opposite direction. Luckily when I called them, the Humane Society staff gave me the correct directions. So I was encouraged to read Michael W explaining how fear is optional in his story, Doing the Work. He writes, “The 12 steps remove the fear … after all, if I were drinking, using and in self-pity, I’d have no life. Instead, AA gave me back my wonderful family and an awesome life in sobriety.”

Also in this issue: Christine R shows us how she escaped from a cesspool of despair in Sparkles in Your Eyes. John W reminds us how much better life can be when we keep on trudging the road to happy destiny with Step 10. Bree L tells the story of how Laurie got sober on Zoom in August 2020. And Rob S describes how he handled resentments, the luxuries none of us can afford, while driving a taxi in L.A. Drunks vomiting in the back seat and passengers who take off running to avoid paying were no match for resolutely turning our thoughts to someone we can help.

The new dog and I are getting to know each other. When more self-centered fear arises because I think something bad might happen: I change focus and remember how fear is optional.

—Michelle G

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