Intergroup News

The following news was shared at San Francisco and Marin Intergroup’s April meeting. Please take this back to your group and any other A.A. meetings you attend.

  • Check out San Francisco and Marin Intergroup’s 2023 Annual Report! Take a look and see all the important 12th Step work Intergroup does every day. The report contains many interesting facts, such as the number of visitors to our website, the top selling AA Grapevine items in our bookstore and all the meetings that made contributions last year. There’s a lot of great information. Be sure to share it with your groups! 

  • Volunteers are needed for the Teleservice 12th Step list. When you sign up, you may be asked to call a newcomer or make a 12th Step visit (with another A.A. member). If you have a minimum of 6-months sobriety, please sign up for this important position. To learn more, attend the Teleservice Orientation on the April 15@ 6pm

April Issue of The Point Available

The latest edition of The Point, featuring works by local A.A. members, is available now. This month’s edition features a poem by Dede H:

Courage calls me to be better than I am
To channel moral and mental strength
To face my fears, to persevere and withstand
I must face my ordeals going to any length
I am so glad I have you all to hold my hand
Courage may you be my Higher Power today
Carrying me through trials and tribulations
I see them on the horizon coming my way
I need not call upon ghosts and apparitions
Mighty Courage you are here to save the day
I carry you in my pocket and in my head
Round my neck in the emblem on my necklace
Courage, I think of you to avoid the purloin
I’ve achieved Courage with a smile on my face
Ask and I’ll show you my sobriety coin!

Continue reading the April edition here.

Pre-Conference Assembly This Weekend

The Pre-Conference Assembly is this weekend in Petaluma and it’s in preparation for the upcoming General Service Conference in New York. Also, take a look at FAQs on the Plain Language Big Book in preparation for the Assembly that was shared by our Area’s Delegate.

Intergroup Board Elections

A.A. Meeting and Sound Bath in Marin

Join Marin Fellowship Committee for an A.A. Meeting and Sound Bath event happening on April 13 @ 12pm. The doors open at 11:30 am, with meditation starting promptly at noon. It’s an opportunity to come together for support, reflection and rejuvenation.

Marin Pop Up Bookstore

Join us for the Marin Pop Up Bookstore on April 15 @ 6:45pm-9:00 pm. It’s held monthly at the Marin General Service District 10 meeting, located at 930 Tamalpais Avenue, San Rafael. Pre-order literature for pick up at See you there!

Service Opportunities…

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