Intergroup Meeting – Proposed Minutes
Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 7-8:30 PM


Intergroup coordinates services which individual groups in San Francisco and Marin cannot provide. We bring these services, as well as service opportunities, to our Member Groups. Our Intergroup observes the intent and spirit of A.A.’s Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for World Service, as well as A.A.’s Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service.


7:00   Getting Started

  1. Open with the Serenity Prayer
  2. Call to order. Statement of Purpose
  3. Review the minutes and agenda
  4. Roll Call
    1. 47 groups represented: 33 from San Francisco, 14 from Marin

  1. New IGRs, Visitors, AA Anniversaries
    1. New IGRs: Mary, IGR, & Mimi, IGR
    2. Visitors: Jackie B.
    3. AA Anniversaries: Ayn (44 years), Kate (7 years)

Approval of agenda (housekeeping item)

    1. Approved
  1. Approval of last month’s Intergroup Meeting minutes (housekeeping item)
    1. Corrections: Jillian; Sisters In Sobriety not included as having attended
    2. Approved

7:15   Officer Reports

Board Chair – Charlie

    1. Presented on the 2022-2023 Board Key Initiatives for Intergroup which highlights what the board has done this year and what they plan to work on next year. 
      1. Highlights from this year include hiring a new Executive Director, creating better transparency with Intergroup, collaborating with Marin General Service to start pilot the Pop-Up Bookstore at their District Meetings, revised Intergroup’s Bylaws, increased Marin representation on the Intergroup Board, updated the Intergroup Operations Manual, and the new website. 
      2. Some challenges include: Support for the Intergroup committees, confusion around our name, continuity of the Board Members, cost containment and rising inflation and getting back to pre-pandemic contributions and book sales
      3. On the horizon, the board will be working on publishing an Intergroup org chart, developing an Annual Report that highlights Intergroup services, increased outreach and cooperation at the committee level, and increased number of groups represented at Intergroup. Additionally, developing clear and consistent protocols for electing new Intergroup Committee Chairs in alignment with our bylaws and facilitating an internal financial audit.
      4. Questions [email protected] or email the board at [email protected].

Executive Director – Christina 

    1. So much gratitude to SF and Marin Teleservice for taking over the phone lines 24/7 during the pandemic. I’m grateful to say now that we have Central Office volunteers again, Intergroup is ready to answer the lines Tuesday-Friday during Central Office hours.
    2. We have open shifts to fill for Central Office Volunteers.
    3. Please announce that Central Office needs Tech Support to upgrade our internet. Reach out to [email protected] to help.
    4. Intergroup is participating in both the Marin and San Francisco Unity Days. At Marin Unity Day, we are in charge of the registration table. And for both events we will represent Intergroup by tabling. If you would like to help out, reach out to [email protected].
    5. AA Grapevine book prices are increasing by $2.49 starting January 2023- so get your orders in now. Intergroup will figure out if we follow suit and how much our Grapevine books will increase.

Treasurer – Jim

      1. Revenue
        1. Total revenue is $214,000, 8% under budget to last year
        2. Individual contributions below both budget and prior year 
        3. Group contributions consistent with prior year and budget (if you include the Fellowship numbers, which consists of contributions from Marin Teleservice and Sobriety by the Bay)
      2. Expenses 
        1. Total expenses $242,000, which is under budget by 8%, but 10% ahead of prior year 
      3. Deficit and Rating
        1. For this year, we budgeted a deficit of $32,800 however, are forecasting for a deficit of $36,500
        2. Intergroup cannot sustain such a loss in 2023
        3. Losses are taking their toll on our liquidity, and we are looking at a Fair to Good rating
      4. We currently have 304 faithful fivers (up three this month) that donated $4,074
        1. Average gift is $13.40
        2. Our goal is 350 contributions by the end of the year which can happen if we get the word out!
      5. Discussion on whether projections for this year are the same as last year since more meetings have gone back to in person. Also a question if the numbers were the same pre-COVID and if we projected a deficit. 
        1. Treasurer said group contributions plummeted as a result of COVID, but individuals made up for those contributions – and they were not near what we received in 2019. 
        2. Regarding what to take back to the groups – please ask Treasurers to disburse 7th Tradition contributions and to make announcements at meetings that Intergroup is facing a deficit. Also, recommend meetings to participate in Gratitude Month.

7:30   Intergroup Committee Reports 

  1. Archives Committee – Mike 
    1. Next meeting is 3rd Sunday of the month at 12 (in-person at Central Office). Looking for more people interested in volunteering.
    2. Participating in Unity Day.
    3. For more info contact [email protected]
  2. Sunshine Club – Kate 
    1. Volunteer Orientation on last Wednesday of the month on Zoom
      1. Next is October 26th at 7:30PM
    2. PLEASE announce at meetings for volunteers that this service exist
      1. No new volunteers in the last two months
  3. Public Relations Committee – Christina on behalf of Peter
    1. Next Public Relations committee meeting is 10/10 online
    2. Focusing on in-person events. Final Sunday Streets is 10/16 from 11am to 4pm
  4. The Point – Bernadette
    1. October issue released online and printed 
    2. This month meetings is canceled due to Unity Day
    3. Writing workshop available at Unity Day on 10/8
    4. Next meeting is November 12th at 12:30PM

7:50   Service Committee Liaison Reports (up to 2 minutes/report)

  1. SF General Service – Alison 
    1. SF Unity Day! 10/8
    2. 72nd GSC Final Conference report available as a PDF on (password: 1945)
    3. Spirit of Rotation: Elections are coming up
      1. Join monthly district meeting, every second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm on Zoom
    4. Submission deadline for story submissions for 5th edition of the big Book is October 31st 
  2. Marin Teleservice – Jillian 
    1. Next meeting 10/25. Orientation @ 6:30pm and 7:30pm business meeting 
    2. Central Office is now answering the phones every weekday except Monday
    3. Recruiting new business committee volunteers for January turnover
      1. We need help, please share at your meetings
        1. For more information, to sign up to volunteer for a shift, and/or to get the link to the meeting, go to 
  3. SF Bridging the Gap – Phil
    1. Committee meets monthly 
    2. Orientation is 1st Tuesday at 6:30, business meeting at 7pm on Zoom [email protected] for details
  4. SF H&I – Chad
    1. Orientation is scheduled in person every third Saturday of the month at 11am. 
    2. Next business meeting in person November 19th at 10am
    3. Currently have 3 H&I zoom meetings. We have 18 in-person meetings and have 3 more new in-person meetings. H&I needs volunteers to take meetings back to in-person meetings. 
    4. Expenses and contributions are above last year but below budget for this year. This month saw a nice pick up in literature orders
    5. Area 62 is looking for a Regional Chair for H&I Norcal and a Correctional Co-Chair 
  5. Kaitlin – Marin County Young People of Alcoholics Anonymous 
    1. Business meeting 1st Sunday at the Alano Club in San Rafael
    2. Friendsgiving in November – Friends themed event
    3. New Years Dance – info to come 
    4. Also, tabling at Marin Unity Day on 10/15

8:02   Old Business

  1. Discussion Item: Evaluation of the Inventory Review Process – Chip
    1. What is our goal? Do you find it useful? Is this the right format?
      1. Feedback included:
        1. Likes the break out rooms and believes it’s well communicated
        2. Questions are pertinent and helpful and as an IGR, he has brought the questions to his meeting. Nice to feel involved 
        3. Loved doing group inventory and the process of reviewing in break out rooms. Suggestion to not provide the responses in the break out rooms as may be too much information
        4. Want to continue the current process with the remaining questions. 
        5. Thinks we should finish with the same format. Seems to be working and it seems to be affecting actions from the Board which is positive. 
      2. Decision to continue to review the interview questions with current process 

8:10  New Business

  1. Motion to create an Outreach Ad-Hoc Committee with representation from both San Francisco and Marin – Allison
    1. An Outreach Ad-Hoc Committee will help educate members and meetings in Marin and San Francisco about the services Intergroup provides; and hopefully generate more representation at Intergroup.
    2. IGRs encourage to review the proposal in the packets and we will continue to discuss in next month’s meeting 
    3. Reach out [email protected] with questions
  1. Motion to refer to “Intercounty Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous” going forward as “San Francisco and Marin Intergroup” – Judy
    1. Found through the communications survey that there is confusion about our name. Changing it to San Francisco and Marin Intergroup will be more representative of our fellowship.
    2. This is not a legal name change. If approved we would refer to the service entity as San Francisco and Marin Intergroup while maintaining the legal name of IFAA. Also the nickname Central Office does not go away, as it is a service that SF and Marin Intergroup provides.

8:30    Targeted Message

  1. Unity Day is coming up!! San Francisco Unity Day is 10/8 from 10am-3pm at First Unitarian Universalist and Marin Unity Day is 10/15 from 12pm-5pm at Unity in Marin Church, in Novato. For details visit
  2. Get involved with service by joining an Intergroup service committee. Check out our calendar at to see when the committees meet and you do not need to be an Intergroup Rep to participate. 
  3. Remember Gratitude Month is in November and it’s a time to express your gratitude for your sobriety. These additional contributions support A.A. service entities so talk to your groups now to get ready for Gratitude Month!

Next Intergroup Meeting: November 2, 2022, online

Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32pm.

Treasurer’s Report
September 2022 Intergroup Meeting Treasurer’s Narrative

Year to Date Ended
August 31, 2022

Group Contributions did not surge due to treasurer commitment turnovers in August
either. Bookstore sales are well ahead of last year while individual and fellowship
contributions are down leaving the intergroup 8% under budget overall and 0% ahead of
last year. It is possible we are still experiencing a lag, but it’s seemingly unlikely. We do
tend to see a surge in contributions in the last 4 months of the year, but the lion’s share
of gratitude month, holiday, and treasurer turnover contributions appear in January. If
the situation doesn’t improve, we are likely to end the year significantly under budget.

Expenses year to date are also running 8% below budget but ahead of last year by 10%
While inflation is still a factor, a rent increase in November will also push expenses
higher offsetting the increases in “end of year” contributions but to what extent remains
to be seen. Expense increases due to easing pandemic restrictions as well as general
inflation were specifically included in the 2022 budget, but with mounting losses, the
2023 budget will have to be lean. We will still likely end the year under budget overall
but with they will still likely exceed revenues.

With Revenues down higher expenses, IFAA is currently experiencing a loss of $27K.
This was greater than the budgeted loss of $22K and current projections see us at a
loss of over $30K by the end of the year. Gratitude month, and end of year contributions
will improve our outlook but to what extent is uncertain as such revenues vary widely
from year to year.

Unrestricted cash in addition to our 6-month prudent reserve slipped in August due to
our continuing operating loss. Liquid reserves ended the period at 1.4 months or “Fair to
Good” (down from Good). So we are still in a solvent cash position, and will likely still be
at year end but if the trend continues, our liquidity will be depleted necessitating access
to our prudent reserve in 2023.

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