By Dede H.


I am your animal, God

You’ve created me to do what?

On a precipice of sod I sit

Wondering should I jump or squat?

A decision is just a choice You say

You’ve given me free will, okay

Though that’s often debatable

I needn’t see darkness in the light of day

I’m playing with these lines it’s true

I’m a bit of a promiscuous muse

Please, tell me what are poets to do?

Dance? We have nothing to lose?

What about this? What about that?

I’m caring for my mother and husband

Do I advise my adult children?

Should I be a Republican or a Democrat?

Silly, be quiet. Be still. Do as I do.

Here is your short answer for now.

Turn off your phone. Close your eyes. too.

Know in your heart I’ll show you how

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