by Christina G

It all started with cake – OK, I should say cake and pain. At the time I had been sober for 10+ years, but after having a couple of babies, I stopped prioritizing my AA program and I drifted away from AA. I was alone and in a lot of pain. I had a moment of clarity and knew I had to do something even though I wouldn’t have acknowledged it, I was definitely heading for a drink.

I found a meeting near my home. Going to the meeting I felt like a newcomer all over again, but I walked in and knew I was right where I needed to be. But this is where the cake comes in. A fellow AA member was an amazing baker and used to make a delicious homemade cake every Friday night – it kind of became an honorary service commitment.

There were many nights that I struggled leaving my kids and prioritizing myself by going to a meeting, but knowing that Joni was going to be there – it got me to come back. Joni is no longer with us but her service of baking cakes got me to many meetings – and overtime turned into the grace of a power greater than myself. It became less about the cake – but I’m grateful to her and her service.

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