A Trusted Servant is a member of an A.A. Group who helps make the meeting possible. Trusted Servant positions include the Secretary, Treasurer and Intergroup Representative (IGR). A.A. has long had a tradition of active member participation and communication throughout the entire organization.

In order to facilitate this, we ask each meeting to have the Secretary, Treasurer, and Intergroup Representative if you have one, register with us. To register, go to Find a Meeting on the Home page, locate the meeting where you are taking a Trusted Servant commitment, then click on the name. A new field will appear. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on Update Meeting Info and follow the prompts.

Being registered allows us to send important updates to each group, typically via The Buzz, and to respond to questions directed to Central Office (“I showed up and the doors were locked. What’s happening?”), typically through direct contact. Maintaining this information is critical to our ability to keep in touch and allows us to be of maximum service. All contact information is kept confidential.