By Anonymous

At times the story of the Titanic was so real,
Imagining the wells and the ne’er-do-wells alike
Having to confront their reality that this was the deal
Their end was at hand, they had lost this fight.

As with so many he had heard, on the “Wings of Victory”
He had not arrived into “these rooms” on “his day.”
Instead the Road to Perdition was his path, harmful, delusory,
Strewn with wreckage and foreboding, all these his toll to pay.

But the Solution, for there was a solution, was free
For the taking, literally, only to be had one step at a time.
This path his – to become the man he had always wanted to be.
The Decision made, the lode of defects had been ahead to mine.

With a guide’s help, that work got done, the threshold was there.
His to have, if he was willing, entirely, To Let . . . . .
Entirely ready to let . . .  Let Who?  Do what?  When? Where?
Remove traits he had lived with, lived by for years without regret.

He had come this far, made such progress, now he had only
To Let . . . . To become:  Entirely ready to let . . . . .
He remembered the Decision, how he now no longer felt lonely.
The promised freedom had come too, like a matched set.  

So if the Decision could be made, couldn’t he be ready
To be done with his limitations? Entirely ready to let that Power
Greater than he, remove these shortcomings? Entirely ready
To have them taken and in the rain of a new life shower?

No Hobson’s choice here nor need with Solomon to consult.
The Power of the Decision made surged within him . . .
From a source unknown, a resolute “yes,” the silent result.
The logic of the Decision made compelling that choice within him.

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