Central Office Closed Tomorrow, Sat 9/11

Central Office and the Bookstore will be closed tomorrow, Saturday 9/11. Regular hours will resume on Tuesday 9/13. As always, you can order literature and chips online for shipping or pickup during normal business hours (10a – 6p Tues – Sat).

September Intergroup Meeting Summary

Intergroup held its most recent meeting on Wednesday, September 1. The proposed meeting minutes and financial information can be found online.

The Point Needs Your Submissions!

Share your experience, strength and hope by writing for The Point! The deadline to submit articles for the October Issue is September 22nd, 2021. And if you haven’t already, check out the current issue for September right here!

If you’re looking to get involved with The Point Committee or just check it out, come to the monthly business meeting tomorrow, Sat 9/11 @ 12:30pm PDT. Zoom info is right here.

Read | Listen @ aasfmarin.org/the-point

Accessibility Committee Meeting on Wed 9/15 (Online)!

The Accessibility Committee is beginning to meet again and is inviting all interested A.A.s to attend the next committee meeting on Wednesday 9/15 @ 6pm PDT. Come be a part of helping make A.A. meetings accessible for all to attend! Zoom info is here

Service Committee Meetings for the Week…

  • The Point Committee Meeting (Online) is on Saturday 9/11.

  • GGYPAA Meeting (Online) is on Sunday 9/12.

  • SF Public Relations Orientation & Business Meeting (Online) is on Monday 9/13.
    • Orientation @ 6:30pm PDT
    • Business @ 7pm PDT

  • Marin H&I Orientation & Business Meeting (In-Person) is on Tuesday 9/14.

  • SF General Service Orientation & Business Meeting (Online) is on Tuesday 9/14.

  • SF Service Manual & Concepts Study (Online) is on Tuesday 9/14.

  • Accessibility Committee Meeting (Online) is on Wednesday 9/15.

Reminder: A.A. Twelve Traditions Workshop Every Sunday in September (Telephone)!

In case you missed it, the Sober Voices Telephone Group of A.A. will be hosting this 6-hour workshop (2 hours per tradition) on the traditions every Sunday in September! The second installment will be held this Sunday 9/12 @ 10am PDT. Check out the flyer online.

New Book Alert: Prayer & Meditation is Here!

The A.A. Grapevine’s new book, “Prayer & Meditation,” is now available online (please note: this book is not currently in stock at IFAA Central Office Bookstore but can be purchased directly from the A.A. Grapevine website at aagrapevine.org)! Featuring powerful stories by members of A.A. about the many ways they pray and meditate in their daily lives, the stories in this book show how members begin to pray and meditate and then branch out to develop very personal, and often creative, ways to practice.

Summer in the Bay Area

For the love of late summer, please share this information with your social media communities and encourage your A.A. fellows to subscribe to The Buzz. All of our prior updates can be found here. Drop our subscription link in the chat at your meetings and tell your members to subscribe to stay in-the-know on what’s happening with SF/Marin A.A.     🐝

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