Central Office Survey Results

The responses are in, folks! Thank you to those who responded to the Central Office Survey. Please feel free to take a look at the preliminary results. While we’re still reviewing the data – more will always be revealed – here are some facts we’re really jazzed about…

A whopping 70% of people said The Buzz / COVID updates have been helpful to them, second only to the online meeting schedule (93%)! And 58% said The Buzz was an essential service! Thank you and we love you too!

An up-to-date and comprehensive website was considered essential to the fellowship by 89% of people, followed closely by 24/7 Teleservice (81%) and local fellowship events (63%). Yay!

The Point: March Issue is Posted!

That’s right, y’all – The Point’s March Issue is hot off the press! Click on the flyer below or see here to be whisked away by this month’s stories. 

PRAASA is Now!

A reminder that PRAASA (Pacific Region A.A. Service Assembly) started today at 4pm PST, and runs through Sunday, March 7th @ 4pm PST! All A.A. members are invited to attend; please register at www.praasa.org/register. Check out the full weekend schedule here.

Intergroup Fast Fact! 💡

Did you know?! On January 27th, 1947, San Francisco’s Intergroup was born, almost 5 years before the A.A. General Service Conference was established at Akron, OH in 1951.

“Whereas Intergroup serves groups in it’s local community… General Service is a system of communication for finding out how A.A. as a whole feels about its world affairs.” – Circles of Love (P-45).

Speaking of the conference…

General Service Conference: Agenda Topics Workshops Next Weekend for SF & Marin! 

Why do we need a General Service Conference? Consider this quote from A.A.’s Service Manual & Twelve Concepts For World Service, pg. S20: “We may not need a General Service Conference to ensure our own recovery. We do need it to ensure the recovery of the alcoholic who still stumbles in the darkness one short block from this room. We need it to ensure the recovery of a child being born tonight, destined for alcoholism. We need it to provide, in keeping with our Twelfth Step, a permanent haven for all alcoholics who, in the ages ahead, can find in A.A. that rebirth that brought us back to life.”

These workshops are designed for General Service Reps (GSRs) in SF and Marin to learn everything they need to know to effectively collect an informed group conscience for the Pre-Conference Assembly on April 3rd & 4th. Any member who is interested in learning about this process is welcome to attend.

Intergroup asks our fellow A.A.’s to consider how these agenda topics might impact other service entities, committees, and A.A. as a whole. We are one ecosystem after all! Please click the flyers below for more information on SF and Marin’s Workshops!

Districts 5 (San Mateo), 6 (SF), 16 (Spanish Central), and 17 (Spanish South)!

District 10 (Marin)!

Service, Please!

  • SF Public Relations Orientation and Business Meeting is on Monday.
    • Orientation @ 6pm PST
    • Business @ 7pm PST

  • Marin H&I Orientation and Business Meeting is on Tuesday.

  • SF General Service Orientation and Business Meeting is on Tuesday.

  • SF Service Manual and Concepts Study is on Tuesday.

Time to Frolic in the Fields!

For the love of flowers, please share this information with your social media communities and encourage your A.A. fellows to subscribe to The Buzz. All of our prior updates can be found here. Drop our subscription link in the chat at your meetings and tell your members to subscribe to stay in-the-know on what’s happening with SF/Marin A.A. 🐝

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