On Sunday, June 9, Marin Fellowship Committee is hosting We’re in this Together! Founders’ Day from 11:30am – 3pm at Gerstle Park in San Rafael. A.A. speaker meeting starts at 12pm with Kate K. and Jeff J. followed by music, picnic, fun and games. 

The following news was shared at San Francisco and Marin Intergroup’s June 5 meeting. Please take this back to your group and any other A.A. meetings you attend.

  • Intergroup updated our 2023 Annual Report financials after an independent review by our CPA. While the correction was relatively minor, Intergroup ended the year with a slight surplus rather than a deficit. This surplus has not continued and Intergroup is now facing a small deficit. We are asking groups to send in 7th Tradition contributions more frequently and A.A. members to dig a little deeper in support of your local Intergroup.

  • Sign up to become a Grateful Giver by contributing to San Francisco and Marin Intergroup on a monthly basis. Or, if you are already a Grateful Giver, please consider upping your monthly contribution to support Intergroup’s 12th Step work. These recurring contributions are a consistent source of revenue Intergroup relies on.

  • Central Office Volunteers are needed to answer the phone lines, greet customers, and assist with special projects. Minimum of one year sobriety. For more information about a weekly two-hour shift opportunity, please email [email protected].

Delegate’s Report on the 74th General Service Conference

On Tuesday, June 11, our Area Delegate will share the results of this year’s Conference, including the approved agenda items to publish the Plain Language Big Book, and develop pamphlets for the transgender alcoholic and the Asian / Asian-American alcoholic. His report will be followed by a Q&A session. All members are welcome.

Sound Bath Meditation and A.A. Meeting

 New Location for Marin Pop-Up Bookstore

Celebrating our Co-Founders

For the love of Dr. Bob’s last drink, please share this information and encourage your A.A. fellows to subscribe to The BuzzThe Buzz is produced by San Francisco and Marin Intergroup. To learn more about Intergroup, check out our 2023 Annual Report.   

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