12 Concepts Workshop Reminder

This Sunday is the first of six workshops on the 12 Concepts: Women in Service workshop hosted by 9am Online Daily Women’s Meeting of A.A. This is an introduction to the 12 Concepts of A.A. and how to apply them at every level of service. This monthly series begins with “Herstory of Service” on July 15 @ 10:30am to 12pm online. 



Intergroup News

The following news was shared at San Francisco and Marin Intergroup’s July 12 meeting. Please take this back to your group and any other A.A. meetings you attend.

Intergroup appointed a new Treasurer, Hedy H. (Marin). We are so grateful to Hedy for stepping up to be of service and to our outgoing Treasurer: Jim M. You will be missed!

Intergroup did a lot of voting last night! After much discussion, Intergroup voted on the four-part proposal to change the structure of our monthly meetings while we remain online. Here’s the outcome:

  • Proposal: Quarterly, rather than monthly, Service Committee Liaison Reports
    Outcome: Motion did not pass 

    • After hearing minority opinion, this proposal was voted on again. 

    • During the re-vote, the proposal failed to reach the 18 ‘yes’ votes needed for this motion to pass.

    • At the end of the meeting, we incorrectly announced that the motion had passed with the re-vote. This correction will be added to the minutes and we will discuss it at the August Intergroup meeting.

  • Proposal: Break-out rooms at every monthly meeting
    Outcome: Motion did not pass

  • Proposal: IGRs share a brief description of their home group each month
    Outcome: Motion passed

  • Proposal: Raffle every monthly meeting
    Outcome: Motion did not pass

In addition to voting on the structure of the meeting, the following Intergroup Committee Chairs were officially appointed by the Intergroup body: 

  • Isae W, Communications Committee; Colleen S, HelpChat; Marty M, Outreach Committee; and Tom V, Sunshine Club


Here is the message to take back to your group and any other A.A. meetings you attend.

  • Central Office Volunteers are needed to answer the phone lines, greet customers and assist with special projects. Minimum of one year sobriety. For more information about this weekly shift opportunity, please email [email protected].  
  • Join an Intergroup Service Committee! Check out the newly updated aasfmarin.org/committees for the complete list of Intergroup Committees, including what they do, when they meet and service opportunities.

    • Current open service positions include: 

      • SF and Marin Archives Chair

      • SF Public Relations Chair

      • Sunshine Club Co-Chair (from Marin)

      • Co-Webmaster

      • Fellowship Chair

  •  The Tech Committee is looking for committee members to better support San Francisco and Marin Intergroup and local online/hybrid A.A. meetings. If you are familiar with Airtable or WordPress, the Tech Committee would especially like your help! Email [email protected] to join and attend the next meeting on August 7 @ 6pm.  

Intergroup Service Committee Opportunities

Remember: Anyone can join our service committees; you do not need to be an Intergroup Rep to participate.

  • Communications Committee announced that The Buzz, The Point, and the Communications Committee are merging together for a trial-period. These committees have been working more closely over the past 18 months. Unifying as one committee—while remaining separate publications—will help foster ideas and shared responsibility. To get involved contact [email protected] and join the next committee meeting on August 14 @ 5:30pm.

    • The Point is looking for stories and art submissions for the July edition. Please send your writings and/or art to [email protected] by July 22.

  • HelpChat is an online chat feature on the aasfmarin.org website. Volunteers help people find a meeting or chat about their problems with alcohol. To get involved contact [email protected] and join the next committee meeting on July 18 @ 6pm.

  • Outreach Committee is looking to get more folks involved at Intergroup, 12th Step service work and more Marin representation. To get involved contact [email protected] and join the next meeting on August 2 @ 6pm.

  • The Sunshine Club brings meetings to individuals who cannot attend in-person meetings. It is looking for volunteers in Marin and San Francisco. If you’d like to join Sunshine Club or if you need to schedule a meeting for an A.A. member, contact [email protected]. This committee is also looking for a new Sunshine Club Co-Chair in Marin. 


A.A. Meeting and Trivia Night


Summer Vibes at the Summer Barbecue and Potluck


Marin Pop-Up Bookstore

It’s almost time for the monthly pop-up bookstore in Marin. Need a new book to read with a sponsee or pamphlets to offer at your meeting? Pre-purchase your A.A. literature and chips by Saturday, July 15 @ 2pm via the online bookstore for pick-up on Monday, July 17 at the Marin General Service meeting in the Jackson Cafe at Vivalon (930 Tamalpais Avenue, San Rafael). Select A.A. literature will also be available for purchase 6:45-9:30pm. 


Service Opportunities for the Week …


We Must Remain Humble

For the love of warmth, please share this information and encourage your A.A. fellows to subscribe to The Buzz. The Buzz is produced by San Francisco and Marin Intergroup. To learn more about Intergroup, check out our Annual Report🐝  

Your San Francisco and Marin Intergroup | Central Office

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