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The following news was shared at San Francisco and Marin Intergroup’s January 4 meeting, to take back to your group and any other A.A. meetings you attend.

Be of service to San Francisco and Marin Intergroup. Reach out to [email protected] for details. Here are some of the volunteer positions that need to be filled: 

  • Central Office Volunteer Bookkeeper—This position is for someone with accounting experience that can help Intergroup with QuickBooks. Ideally, the individual will come to Central Office twice a month and dedicate upwards of 12 hours a month in assisting with Intergroup’s bookkeeping. The sobriety requirement is 2+ years.

  • Marin Pop-Up Bookstore Coordinator—This is a once a month commitment on the third Monday. The Pop-Up runs before and after the Marin General Service District meeting in San Rafael, and the person will need to be there between 6:45-9:30pm. For this position, a car is required, however Intergroup will reimburse you for mileage and bridge toll. The sobriety requirement is 2+ years.

  • Central Office Volunteers—This weekly 2+-hour commitment is to answer the phone lines, assist with special projects and greet customers. There are a lot of shifts available—especially on Fridays—and it is a wonderful way to be of service. The sobriety requirement is 1+ year.

Many thanks to our Faithful Fivers. If you’d like to sign up as a Faithful Fiver to support the work of San Francisco and Marin Intergroup, visit Your additional contributions support important 12th Step services, including running Central Office, selling A.A. literature, publishing the meeting schedule and our website at

  • Also, it’s time to rebrand the Faithful Fivers name, which was developed over 30 years ago. As we all know, $5 isn’t what it used to be. Please send your rebranding ideas to [email protected].

Intergroup Service Committee Opportunities

Remember: Anyone can join service committees. You do not need to be an Intergroup Rep to participate.

  • The Sunshine Club needs a new Marin co-chair. Please announce that the Sunshine Club brings meetings to individuals who cannot attend in-person meetings. If you’d like to schedule a meeting for an A.A. member, contact [email protected].

  • Outreach Committee is looking for representation from Marin and San Francisco. To help get this committee going, contact [email protected] and join the next meeting on February 1 @ 6 pm.

  • HelpChat Committee is looking for more volunteers. This commitment is online via Slack and volunteers participate when available as there are no shifts.To sign up, email [email protected].

  • San Francisco Teleservice needs a new committee chair and a Friday daily coordinator. Join the next meeting on January 16 @ 6:45pm (orientation @ 6pm) and reach out via [email protected].

  • The Point is looking for more writers. Check out for monthly themes and writing prompts. Join the next meeting on February 6 @ 5:30pm and save the date for an online writer’s workshop on March 21 from 2-5pm.

Finally, at the January 4 meeting we were joined by Claudia G. from the Area 06 Accessibilities Committee to learn more about American Sign Language (ASL) A.A. meetings and if there’s interest in a meeting for the deaf and hard of hearing in San Francisco or Marin. If you are interested in exploring this idea further, reach out to [email protected].


Save the Date: Sobriety by the Bay

Register now for the 6th annual Sobriety by the Bay conference. The 3-day event takes place January 27-29 and allows A.A. members to jump into service, hear powerful speakers from all over the country and get into action by participating in a 4th Step workshop. The 2023 conference is at Redemption Church in San Jose. Get tickets here


Save the Date: Shasta Winterfest

Shasta Winterfest is a weekend-long gathering of A.A. members and members of A.A. sister Programs Al-Anon and Alateen. The event is inspired by recovery and filled with guest speakers (including from the Bay Area), marathon meetings, special events, prize drawings, literature and other resources. Shasta Winterfest will be February 3-5 at the Holiday Inn in Redding. Get tickets here.


January Issue of The Point is Here

The latest edition of The Point, featuring works by local A.A. members, is available now. January’s theme is “Powerlessness”. Find the most recent issue here. 


Register as a Trusted Servant

If you are a newly elected trusted servant (e.g., Secretary, Treasurer, Intergroup Representative), you are encouraged to register with San Francisco and Marin Intergroup. A current list of meeting contacts is vital to stay connected. To register, find your meeting on and click the “Update Meeting Info” button to fill out the registration form. Central Office will confirm your submission with a welcome email and resources to assist you in your new position. Thank you for your service!


Marin Pop-Up Bookstore


Service Opportunities for the Week …

  • SF Service Manual and Concepts Study (online) is January 10 @ 6:45pm.

  • Marin Bridging the Gap (online) is January 11.

    • Orientation @ 6pm

    • Business Meeting @ 6:15pm


We Have a Way Out

For the love of staying safe and dry, please share this information with your social media communities (keeping in mind our 11th Tradition of anonymity) and encourage your A.A. fellows to subscribe to The Buzz. All of our prior updates can be found here. Drop our subscription link in the chat at your meetings and tell your members to subscribe to stay in the know on what’s happening with SF/Marin A.A.  🐝  

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