CNCA 06 Spanish Inter-District Meeting this Sunday

All are welcome atA Clear Vision for You: 2020,” the last inter-district meeting of Panel 69 of CNCA 06 on Sunday, December 4th @ 9am PST. See below for flyer, and our  website for more info!

The Point December Issue Posted

That’s right, folks, feast your eyes upon the most recent issue of The Point, which is now available online! See below for tasty samples of this month’s issue, you won’t regret it!

Share your story.

Local Focus: Koo Koo Hump Day
by Kristi O
“I had only gone to meetings that were held in church basements with an older crowd that felt very paternal and reminded me how I felt too young to be an alcoholic…I was encouraged to check out this meeting because it was full of artists.”

Stay Connected
by Marcello C-B
“It brought me out of the darkness of self-destruction, where I thought that I would never be able to climb out of.”

Thanksgiving Amends
by Vanessa H
“On the advice of my sponsor at the time, I always reached out to the person first to make sure they were ok to have me make amends. Everyone on my list said yes. Everyone except my mom.”

Suggestions for Accountability
by Michael P
“A brief history based on 14 years as an Intergroup Rep.”

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Pamphlet for the Unhoused Alcoholic

SF Public Relations (formerly PI/CPC) interacts with members of the professional community who work with alcoholics and members of the public who are interested in A.A.

SFPR is seeking feedback on their draft for a new printed pamphlet directed toward the homeless/un-housed alcoholic. Join SFPR at their meeting on Monday, December 14th @ 7pm to provide input. Please encourage any member who has experienced homelessness to attend!

If you or someone you know has a relevant story you feel is appropriate, please email [email protected] to share.

Western U.S. & Canada Virtual Forum 2020

This year, G.S.O.’s Regional Forum will be held virtually. On December 19th, come see Intergroup / Central Office Managers from each region speak to what this year has been like for their fellowships! This is going to be epic. Registration is open so sign up today!

The Week In Service

  • Technology Committee meeting is on Monday.
  • Marin H&I Orientation and Business Meeting is on Tuesday

  • SF Service Manual and Concepts Study is on Tuesday.
  • SF New GSR Orientation and Business Meeting is on Tuesday.

Keep Truckin’

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