The Point Needs Your Submissions!

It’s that time again. The deadline to submit articles for The Point’s May Issue is April 22nd, 2021. And if you haven’t already, check out the April issue right here!

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Service Opportunities This Week

  • The Point Committee meets on Saturday.

  • GGYPAA meets on Sunday.

  • SF Public Relations Committee meets is on Monday.

  • Marin H&I Orientation and Business Meeting is on Tuesday.

  • SF General Service Orientation and Business Meeting is on Tuesday.

  • SF Service Manual and Concepts Study is on Tuesday.

  • Bridging the Gap Marin Committee meets on Wednesday.

SF Public Relations (PI/CPC) Guidance on Court-Ordered Attendance

SF Public Relations (PI/CPC) wants to remind groups that there are methods available for proof of attendance at Zoom meetings, but we need group action to tackle the implementation! Please see this page for guidance.
Especially if you are a trusted servant (secretary, treasurer, IGR, or GSR) please raise this issue with your group and discuss whether to provide attendance verification, and how to then implement that decision. This could be as simple as designating a “court card signer” who is willing to communicate with newcomers via chat during the meeting and subsequent emails to verify attendance.
Groups can set up a group email account to be used for many purposes, including this one.

Volunteer for Teleservice! ☎

SF Teleservice shifts are mostly filled (thanks volunteers for your tireless efforts!). However, there are a few shifts that still need volunteers. Teleservice is a great opportunity for service outside of your group! 

Orientations continue to be held on the third Monday of every month at 6pm PST via Zoom and the meeting ID can be found online.

Please email [email protected] for more information.

Save the Date for Founders’ Day!

Our annual Founder’s Day (and this year virtual) is tentatively scheduled for June 10th, 2021, so keep your peepers peeled and stay tuned for details!

Keep Going, You’re Almost There!

For the love of trudging the road to happy destiny, please share this information with your social media communities and encourage your A.A. fellows to subscribe to The Buzz. All of our prior updates can be found here. Drop our subscription link in the chat at your meetings and tell your members to subscribe to stay in-the-know on what’s happening with SF/Marin A.A.   🐝

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