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Save the Date: Founders’ Day

June 10-12 promises to be action packed, whether you’re in San Francisco, Marin or Akron, Ohio, birthplace of A.A.

San Francisco is welcoming the Fellowship back to Central Office with an open house in honor of Founders’ Day and celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Central Office. Stay tuned for more details, but plan to swing by on June 11 @ 1-4pm.

Marin Founders’ Day celebration is scheduled for June 12 @ 1-4pm at the Marin Alano Club in San Rafael. More details to follow.

In Akron, the weekend festivities kick off early Friday and continue through Sunday. The agenda includes meetings, panels, alkathons, archive displays, plays, history presentations and much more. Check out the flyer for details.


The April edition of The Point is Here

The April edition includes items from the archives, personal stories about the Fourth Step and audio recordings sharing experience, strength and hope. Check it out! 



Searching and Fearless

The Step by Step Workshop series continues Saturday with a look at what it means to conduct a fearless moral inventory. Join speaker Jillian E. on April 9 @ 2pm at Hillside Church of Marin in San Rafael or online.



Call for Stories: Big Book Fifth Edition

Recognizing that all stories provide value, the Literature Committee is searching for recovery stories from a broad cross-section of our local communities for the Fifth Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous

As Bill W. wrote on page 29 of the Fourth Edition: “Our hope is that many alcoholic men and women, desperately in need, will see these pages, and we believe that it is only by fully disclosing ourselves and our problems that they will be persuaded to say, ‘Yes, I am one of them too; I must have this thing.’” 

It’s the hope that new stories from our membership will help future alcoholics to identify and find recovery. What’s your recovery story? Consider contributing your experience, strength and hope to the Fifth Edition. 

Deadline: Oct. 31, 2022. Questions? Write to [email protected] or be on the lookout for more information on the website.


Intergroup News to Share With Your Group

Intergroup held its monthly meeting on April 6. There’s lots of news to share! Here’s the latest to bring back to your groups.

1) Intergroup voted to approve the 2022 budget. Scroll to the last page of the meeting agenda for details.

2) Intergroup has several great service commitments open. Contact [email protected] for more information about these positions:

  • Fellowship Committee Chair, perfect for someone passionate about fellowship and connection
  • Intergroup Representative for San Francisco H&I
  • Intergroup Liaison for Marin General Service

3) Volunteers are needed for:



Service Opportunities for the Week …


Sunlight of the Spirit

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