The Buzz is the Intergroup’s weekly newsletter, featuring A.A. news, events and service opportunities in San Francisco and Marin County.


To include an event flyer in the newsletter, submit it to [email protected] by 6pm Sunday for the coming Friday edition. Submissions are considered on a first-come first-served basis—the sooner the information is sent, the better its chance for inclusion. The following is the flyer inclusion policy, in keeping with the Twelve Traditions:

  • The event is sponsored by an A.A. group, conference or service entity or an Al-Anon-sponsored event that includes
    A.A. participation.
  • The event includes an A.A. meeting.
  • The event posts no commercial advertising on the flyer.
  • The event participation is based on the Twelve Traditions.
  • The event’s inclusion in The Buzz does not constitute endorsement.

In addition, events featured in The Buzz should have a local angle, either the event itself is located in the Bay Area or it features speakers from San Francisco/Marin or it offers unique interest to the Bay Area.


The Buzz lists upcoming service opportunities for each week. If your service group needs additional support or would like to highlight an upcoming meeting or event, email [email protected] with your request and we will work with you on crafting a notice for inclusion.

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