by Teddy H.

Seeing the Nave in Grace Cathedral full of excited sober alcoholics was an amazing experience. This year’s Sobriety by the Bay Conference held meetings in a historic and beautiful location. Gathering with alcoholics who traveled from all over the Bay Area made for an electric atmosphere. You could feel the gratitude!

Kent C. gave a powerful share on Saturday night. It was great to be able to laugh and hear a strong message of recovery at the same time. Other speakers, including Paco D., Nichole L., and Steve B., all gave engaging shares each touching on how special it is to bring our A.A. community together. 

The nave in Grace Cathedral was full of excited sober alcoholics

We have had incredible speakers come from all over the country to share their experience, strength and hope. Clancy I., Ben W., Teresa F., Lyle P. and Bob D. are just some of the speakers who have devoted their time. The combination of dynamic speakers and A.A.’s primary purpose of helping alcoholics are the foundations for this special three-day conference in San Francisco. 

The fourth step workshop lead by Paco D. was full of both oldtimers and newcomers. Everyone came together to put pen to paper and get into action. Many members donated sponsorships to alcoholics who could not afford to get into the conference.

Grace Cathedral Labyrinth

Putting pen to paper, getting into action

This generosity allowed recovery centers in the San Francisco area to bus over newcomers to the workshop. Many of them had their first taste of working the steps this way. Some of them even left with sponsors.

The Sobriety by the Bay Committee would like to thank all the members who participated and attended the 2020 Conference. The conference was extremely successful, and due to your effort and enthusiasm, we were able to donate $3,398.00 this year to San Francisco Central Office.

Since 2017, Sobriety by the Bay has donated a total of $10,799.00. The committee is looking forward to the 2021 Conference. We will be back at Grace Cathedral and Chris R. will be the main speaker. We would love to see new faces and our hope is to continue the growth we have been having since 2017. 

If you would like to be involved with the conference, please reach out to [email protected]

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