Considerations For Resuming In-Person Meetings

Here is a collection of resources that were used at the June 18 Town Hall. We hope our local SF and Marin groups will use them in the process of considering and/or resuming in-person meetings.

The information they contain has been gathered from members in San Francisco and Marin in cooperation with the other local service entities, as well as from other Intergroups around the country. The material includes links to local, state and federal health agencies.

We will add information for the polls taken during the Town Hall as well as info from other sources in the coming days. We will also do our best to keep it updated; please feel free to assist us in doing so.

Considerations for Resuming In-Person Meetings

Social Distancing Protocol Form

Minutes from June 18 Town Hall

Slides from June 18 Town Hall

Poll Results from June 18 Town Hall

Q&A from June 18 Town Hall

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