By Dee H

Why do I turn from the light?
Why is a happy day followed
With a dark night of the soul?
Is my God too bright?
Why do I need my shadow?

Many people have shown me
Though awful faces seem shallow
To have an opinion of their own
They have claimed their rights
As branches of the same tree

An Earth God has bestowed
Upon those who are in power
It seems as they in their might
Cause me to in weakness wallow
In much self-pity I suffer so

No one is coming to shower me
With love’s sobriety and kindness
It is up to me to care for others
To know a home where I can be
Aware that loving blessings flow

Faithful—comfortable with myself
There is a place for each of you
Providing space for this to be true
Allows me to renew God’s love
With you friends that love me too

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