by Dan F

A power greater than my parents or me brought me into this life with a specific genetic and cultural heritage, and it maintains me in existence. 

I have come to believe my job each day is to wake up and show up, accepting my entire past and the here and now without judgment, asking in silent prayer for positive guidance this day. When I do that, I feel called by power greater than me to grow beyond my beginnings in order to see and do more in thanks for this free gift of life.

I start the day by gently waking up all four parts of my humanity: my body, emotions, rational mind, and intuitive mind with espresso, inspirational readings from all sources, and light calisthenics/ stretching. I listen to my body, emotions and rational mind.

Relaxed practice of positive attitude on a daily basis

I then wait in silence for positive intuition, accepting and leaving alone negative intuition. Both come to me from a power greater than myself. Intuition, I have learned, is the most neglected part of my humanity. I stop, look and listen, and choose positive attitudes and actions, leaving the results to power greater than me. 

I have come to believe that relaxed, repetitive practice of positive attitude and action in all my affairs on a daily basis has brought me all that I value most today.

By choosing positive intuition, I create a better world for myself and for others this day to the limits of my inherited talents, learned skills, unique experience and choice of attitude—the basic human freedom.

I wait in silence for positive intuition
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