Shelter-in-Place Resources for Personal Recovery

If you’re looking for a change from online meetings, switch it up and dig into some of the fabulous content below!

The Point
Our own Intergroup newsletter full of articles on recovery and fellowship written by members of A.A. in San Francisco and Marin with audio. Back issues and even some Archives are available! 

2021 Carry the Message Project
Give the gift of recovery! Help carry the message by gifting an A.A. Grapevine / La Viña subscription. We can’t reach our members behind the walls right now, but our message of hope and recovery can. Details are inside.

A.A. Grapevine YouTube Channel
A wonderful look at what Grapevine and La Viña are, their history, their place in AA, their various platforms and services, and the many ways they are used by AA members to stay sober and do Twelfth Step work to help alcoholics in need—all in 5 minutes!
Read every pamphlet currently published by AAWS and loads of service material you’ve never laid eyes on. Ever heard of the AA Guidelines? Or why not dig into the Service Manual to finally figure out the difference between General Service and Intergroup! Fun fact: General Service connects your group to AA as a whole; Intergroup (Central Office) connects your group to the others in SF and Marin and is a local resource for groups and members. The Big Book, the Twelve and Twelve, and Daily Reflections are also available to read. Hop on over to and dig around. Bookmark it while you’re at it! 

Big Book Podcast
Audio version of “Alcoholics Anonymous” [1st & 2nd Editions]

SF/Marin Intergroup COVID Archives Survey
SF/Marin Intergroup Archives would like to capture this unprecedented time in A.A.’s history where nearly all meetings in the Bay Area have become virtual. Please complete this survey to ensure your group history is represented in our Archive.

Strawberry Loft Meeting Speaker 2020
The Larkspur Haven meeting held a Thanksgiving dinner and speaker meeting for hundreds of members, this year on Zoom to listen to Tom W.’s message of recovery.

A.A. in War & Crisis: A Historical Perspective 
Our fellowship is resilient, made up of survivors. 

Fifth (V) Symposium on A.A. History
Stream presentations from the Fifth (V) Symposium on AA History, held in the Bay Area, including a theatrical performance.
Note: Password is thebroadhighway