None Greater Than I


As master of the universe, it was difficult to comprehend
How my best thinking had destroyed, or nearly, all I held dear.
No longer was my presence cherished, for me alone did I fend,
Expelled from home, riffed from work and family—just steer clear.

On a string of victories I wasn’t, the end seemed inevitable.  
That there was None Greater Than I had been my fantasy,
I rode that fantasy nearly to death, convinced in my fable,
Until that last gasp at change wasn’t an option, but a necessity.

Still denial, like a redwood’s roots, into my psyche ran deep,
So finely honed on barber’s strop, any intruding reality it excised.
To think, to admit, nay believe I was fallible was a price too steep,
Yet at this bottom I saw only one choice, from it, hope materialized.

Gone my scepter to control everything within my path,
My purple cloak of ego, replaced by collar blue of everyman.
No longer free to rant or rave directions framed in wrath,
Immersed instead in the calm of “I cannot alone, with help I can.”

As surely as sap with the tree rises to nurture its crown,
Somehow this worm of a belief began within my marrow to course,
No passing fancy this, but a subtle flood of faith in which to drown,
A power whose existence I could no more deny than describe its source.

As impossible as it once had seemed, I did now truly conceive
That there was something real, something upon which I could rely,
Assuring me I was not alone and so I was at last able to believe
In the existence of that power, of that One Greater Than I.

Naked in my belief in this power to which I could turn
I pondered why to It I would not entrust my will and my life.
It had conquered my problem with drink and thus I did learn
That to It I could turn, no matter the problem, struggle or strife.

So why would I not make this choice?  At this decision arrive?
Gone was this Everest, to its impossibility I would no longer cling.
Bolstered with The Decision now made, I had my chance to be alive.
Challenged at any moment in time to only “Do the next right thing.”

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