Newcomer Guide

Only you can decide whether you want to give A.A. a try. Admitting you might need help, or admitting that you’re an alcoholic, takes courage. There are a handful of pamphlets and resources that will tell you more about this fellowship and help you decide whether A.A. could be right for you.

To learn more, please explore the information below located and/or contact us anytime at the phone numbers above. You are also welcome to email us or call.

24 Hour Helpline

SF (415) 674-1821
Marin (415) 499-0400
[email protected]

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Additional Literature and Information

20 Questions: Are You an Alcoholic?

A.A. At a Glance

A.A. for Alcoholics with Mental Health Issues

A Brief Guide to A.A.

A Message To Teenagers

A Newcomer Asks

Do You Think You’re Different?

For Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works

Information on Alcoholics Anonymous

Is A.A. for Me?

Is A.A. for You?

LGBTQ Alcoholics in A.A.

Problems Other than Alcohol

Questions & Answers on Sponsorship

The God Word: Agnostic and Atheist Members in A.A.

This Is A.A.

Women in A.A.

Young People and A.A.

We are self supporting through our own contributions. Please consider a contribution for you or for your group.

Call us, anytime

Call our 24-hour helpline or contact us via email if you think you have a problem with drinking.

Join us at a Meeting

Anyone, including non-alcoholics, is welcome at “open” A.A. meetings.

Learn more about AA

We have pamphlets with information about Alcoholics Anonymous.