By Dee H

My Higher Power is not myself
I’m thankful I don’t need to be right
Today I put my ego on the shelf
Meditation reverses my search lights
I’m glad there’s nothing I must tell

My Higher Power is mine alone
But we often share our Love
Love sets the tone of any gathering
Never a need to push nor shove
Kindness is a skill worth mastering

My Love knows me very well
Wants what is best for me
Hate and fear It does quell
True desires are always fulfilled
This is a truth I need not sell

I found my Love by making a list
After meditation and prayer I wrote
The gist of things I value most
Freedom and positivity made a pact
Spirituality is a natural creative act

Try this too when you are alone
We can be together in spirit
I hope to see you somewhere soon
If you feel generous I’d like to hear it
That list possessed by your own Spirit

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