If you have questions about our meeting finder unanswered here, please email us your questions at [email protected].

How does the search field work? 🔍

When you type into the search field, our meeting finder looks for matches to any of the following:

  • Meeting name
  • Meeting note
  • Location name
  • Location address (including city and zip)
  • Location note
  • The cities and neighborhoods listed in the “Anywhere” dropdown filter

The search results will consist of the meetings which contain every word you entered into the search field in at least one of the above fields. Here’s a made-up example to illustrate — if you typed Living Sober into the search field, the results could include:

  • a meeting named Sober and Happy that meets on Livingston Street
  • a meeting named Sober Living
  • a meeting named Living Sober
  • a meeting with a note that says We read Living Sober on the last Monday of each month (you can see notes on the details page for each meeting — just click on any meeting in the search results )

Let’s say you wanted to search for an exact match of a search phrase instead of each word individually. For example, you’re looking for the meeting named Sober Living and you want to weed out as many irrelevant results as possible. You can add quotations to either side of those search terms: “Sober Living”. The results will now show only meetings where that entire phrase shows up in one of the above fields, instead of each word appearing somewhere within those fields individually.

Let us know if you have any confusing search experiences! Please share very specific details as to what you were searching for, exactly how you searched, and why you were confused. We use that feedback to make improvements.


How do I submit updated meeting information? 👀🗣️

If you need to add a new meeting to the meeting finder, click here.

If you need to update a meeting already listed, click the “Update Meeting Info” button. You’ll find it in the bottom-left of every meeting’s page — see below.

What do if I do if I notice something broken? 🐞
Or have an idea for an improvement? 💡

If you notice something that’s not working the way you expect it to, or something which could be better, please email us at [email protected]. We may need to follow up to fully understand the underlying issue, which is critical to identifying the right solution. Once we’ve figured out the right solution, we will either implement it ourselves, if we can, or request a change from Code For Recovery, the team of AA volunteers who maintain the Twelve Step Meeting List (TSML) tool we use. Either way, we will report back on the status.