Meeting Finder FAQ

If you have questions about our meeting finder unanswered here, please email us your questions at

How does the search field work? 🔍

By default, the search looks for exact matches. Typing “Marina Big” will return “Marina Big Book”, for example, whereas typing “Marina Book” will not.

To search using OR logic instead, add a pipe character (“|”). If you type “Marina | Book”, for example, any meeting that includes “Marina” or “Book” will appear, including “Marina Big Book”.

You can also combine the two, such as “Saturday Night | Castro | Discussion”; any meeting that includes “Saturday Night” or “Castro” or “Discussion” will appear.

The search field covers the following fields:

  • Meeting name
  • Meeting note
  • Location name (if the meeting takes place in-person)
  • Location address
  • Location note (if the meeting takes place in-person)

How do I submit updated meeting information? 👀🗣️

If you need to add a new meeting to the meeting finder, click here.

If you need to update a meeting already listed, click the “Update Meeting Info” button. You’ll find it in the bottom-left of every meeting’s page — see below.

What do if I do if I notice something broken? 🐞
Or have an idea for an improvement? 💡

If you notice something that’s not working the way you expect it to, or something which could be better, please email us at We may need to follow up to fully understand the underlying issue, which is critical to identifying the right solution. Once we’ve figured out the right solution, we will either implement it ourselves, if we can, or request a change from Code For Recovery, the team of AA volunteers who maintain the Twelve Step Meeting List (TSML) tool we use. Either way, we will report back on the status.

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