by Pat P

I’ve been asked questions lately about Marin Fellowship’s Intergroup. Perhaps an update for The Point might be helpful. A plan to create an Intergroup for Marin had been urgently pursued 20+ years ago, and the effort resulted in a good compromise. Marin began having its own Teleservice, which has been important, and successful.

Then seven years ago (2015) the idea of Marin having its own Intergroup was revived.  The evolving discussions designated Marin Intergroup 2020 to clearly signify that the intention was to develop the idea with Marin groups over the next five years, which is what happened.

Marin Fellowship: Past and Present

As plans evolved, it became apparent that some Marin AA members were asking that Marin plan for having its own Central Office and Bookstore.  After a year, it became obvious that a Marin Central Office and Bookstore would be divisive and also unnecessary. However, the fallout from that period was rough in that a resistance developed, some of which still remains.

In any case, over the next four years, discussion was held with AA groups over all of Marin.  It gradually developed that the only focus would be to provide events for Marin (since few AA workshops or fellowship opportunities were being held in Marin County at that time). It was decided that the monthly planning meeting would also serve as a forum where Marin groups could discuss, with other Marin groups, questions or issues that came up in their meetings.

In 2018, the Federal not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status was filed for and gained, and in December of 2019, GSO certified MI 2020 as an Intergroup. The name was changed to the current Marin Fellowship Intergroup. These last two years, MFI has held an AA workshop or fellowship event every month, including many step-workshops, speaker meetings and social activities such as Super Bowl Sunday, Kick Ball and Karaoke Night. In November, there will be an AA Gratitude speaker meeting on Zoom with Al-Anon participation. Last year, over 80 people participated.

There is an AA fellowship event every month, including step workshops, speaker meetings and social activities such as Super Bowl Sunday, Kick Ball and Karaoke Night

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day evening zoom meetings were held from 9:00 pm to midnight last year and will be held again this year as well. Also planned is a New Years Eve Dance with a DJ, particularly aimed for young AA members and beginners.  

An online Marin A.A. Newsletter is published every month, with the primary focus on giving a voice to Service Committees.  See the November issue at  The website has the primary function of posting flyers for any group events, alcathons and the Newsletter. It does not post meeting schedules, as that function is well handled by MFI is self-supporting from donations at events and a few groups who occasionally send a little support. Last year we donated surplus funds to the San Francisco/Marin Intergroup and GSO.

There are a few people who are still opposed to MFI and that is because they haven’t learned much about it. MFI is well known now, and very appreciated by Marin AA members. There is no confusion; we don’t try to handle anything that is already handled by SF/Marin Intergroup. In fact, we have a good relationship with IFAA now: they run our event announcements on their website and we post Intercounty Fellowship AA events on when the info is submitted to Many people have worked long and hard to make Marin Fellowship Intergroup a reality and it is a success, totally dedicated to service through A.A. Education and Fellowship in Marin.

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