by Karmann R.

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Someone told me eight months ago it was time to take a leap of faith. God has walked with me through some hard times in my life and put me in a job that I had been at for eight years off and on. This job came with security and benefits. I feared leaving this job, but I was dying inside because I couldn’t show my true self and skills. I was going back and forth with looking for a new job for about two years. I became so depressed that my doctor put me on antidepressants. I spoke to many people and I even asked God to send me a sign what I should do. 

This job came with security and benefits

The sign came through a voice from a person I didn’t even know who said it’s time to take that leap the faith because you’re holding yourself back. Don’t worry about the security and the benefits. God has been walking with you all this time and he’s not going to let you down now. So I did! I got a great new job with more money than I ever made in my life and I felt good, but I was still taking the meds. As time went on this new great job became the worst great job and just recently, I decided to quit, due to my health. I started having headaches and stomachaches that made me miss a lot of work. 

Right before I stopped working, things in that part of my life started to improve and the doctor helped me wean myself off the meds. But I needed out of this job. I quit and then began to regret my decision. Then things started happening that I could have never predicted. 

Things started happening that I could have never predicted

See, I was going to start school in November, and it got pushed back five times. As soon as I quit the job, my schooling was  approved and I found out I could start in two weeks. My son’s hearing aids are fully covered under a plan I didn’t know I had paid into, and my monthly rent for our apartment actually decreased as I looked for work. 

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Soon I have an interview working for another school district not too far from my house. I also got a call for a job working for Apple in the subjects I studied in school. The moral of the story is even though I don’t have any income currently, and I didn’t have a backup plan, I am happy. I feel so free of the burdens of failure and disappointment. Not only did I take one leap of faith but multiple ones, and I might end up with a better job then I started off with. I believe you can do anything you want in life, whether it’s stopping drinking or drugs, or finding a new place to work. You can take that leap and know there will be help to support your success while you work to achieve your goals.

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