By John R. W

How could it be that this was so daunting?
The process so far had been as advertised
Yet lingering somewhere still was a notion haunting
That by these Steps I was being tricked, mesmerized.

To a dictionary to know humility I was pointed,
For only arrogance and control had I ever known.
Those traits too finally abandoned me. I was left disjointed
With them, so alone; without, despite me, change was sown. 

It had not seemed like much when first I sought advice,
But I had never asked for it before, much less listened.
Yet there it was, I was asking for help, me, not once, but twice.
In the asking, my humiliation, the shame of my plight, lessened.

Just Seven Words, this the extent of the suggestion before me.
Only Seven Words, still at times a tome’s length seemed shorter.
Just Seven Words upon which to progress to be set free.
Only Seven Words, but more precious than gold to a smuggler.

But my hoard of gold I could keep only by giving it all away.
With this fresh wind now filling the sails of my life, I saw
That in the giving I could actually be useful during my day.
No longer useless, this transition made still fills me with awe.


To Kim K. for the Brilliant Observation


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