Welcome and thank you for joining the San Francisco and Marin County Intergroup.

What is an Intergroup Representative?
The Intergroup Representative (IGR) is your home group’s voice for making sure that Intergroup and our Central Office continue to function and to carry out our primary purpose. An IGR serves as a liaison between the groups and its members and our Intergroup, Central Office and service committees.

How does your group get an IGR?
All A.A. groups holding regularly scheduled meetings in SF or Marin and listed in the meeting schedule are eligible to elect an Intergroup Representative. Most groups elect an IGR and an Alternate IGR (Alt-IGR) who usually serve a two-year term. We suggest that all representatives have a year or more of continuous sobriety. No person may represent more than one group.

Intergroup Representatives and Alternates begin by attending the orientation just prior to the regular monthly meeting. During orientation we ask each IGR and Alt-IGR to provide contact information so that we can maintain contact between meetings. This includes receiving the monthly agenda and other meeting material via email. All names and contact information of A.A. members submitted to or on file at the Central Office are kept confidential in accordance with our Bylaws and the principle of anonymity.

Currently, while Covid-19 is still active, orientation is online. Please contact [email protected] if you are planning on attending the orientation and we will send you a “New IGR” packet of info.

  • A.A. Guidelines – Central or Intergroup Offices
  • Intergroup/Central Offices: A.A.’s Front Line (Box 459)
  • Intergroup Code of Conduct
  • Procedures for Intergroup Agenda
  • The Intergroup and the Intergroup Representative