San Francisco and Marin Intergroup – Proposed Minutes
Wednesday, May 3, 2023, 7-8:30 PM

San Francisco and Marin Intergroup serves more than 900 A.A. groups in our common purpose of carrying the A.A. message of recovery to alcoholics. We provide important services for local 12th Step work, such as running Central Office, selling A.A. literature, publishing a local meeting directory and website and operating a 24-hour telephone hotline. In addition, Intergroup connects the local Fellowship to service opportunities, informs the public and professional community about A.A. and acts as an information exchange for announcements and events.

Getting Started

  1. Open with the Serenity Prayer
  2. Call to order. Statement of Purpose
  3. Roll Call
    • 38 groups represented: 28 from San Francisco, 10 from Marin

  1. New IGRs, Visitors, AA Anniversaries
    • New IGRs: Steve H, Pax West Men’s Speaker Discussion (SF), Lucille A, Intimate Feelings (Marin), Matt G, Sunday Night Castro Speaker Discussion (SF), Rick A, Pax West Men’s Daily Reflections Online (SF), Lucas M, Extravagant Promises Step (SF)
    • Visitors: Alex R, HelpChat Committee Member, Dan B, Chair, SF General Service, Tom V., Sunshine Club Co-Chair, Michael P, Tech Committee Webmaster, Kate K, Alt-DCMC, Marin General Service, Charlie B, San Mateo Liaison, Jackie B.
    • AA Anniversaries: Noah, 3 years; Shawn, 7 years
  2. Approval of agenda (housekeeping item). Approved
  3. Approval of last month’s Intergroup Meeting minutes (housekeeping item). Approved

Officer Reports

  1. Board Chair – Charlie
    • Board Elections
      • Coming up at next month’s IGR meeting
      • Electing four new board members
        • Currently 4 statement of interests have been submitted and their statements will be shared 14 days prior to June Meeting
        • Intergroup is still in need of a Treasurer – if anyone wants to submit statement of interest, please submit to [email protected] or [email protected]
  • The Board and the Treasurer do not have to be current members of Intergroup.
  • Date of July Intergroup meeting is July 12
  1. Treasurer – Jim
    • Report:
  • Revenues: $114,000, +$21,000 budget, +24% prior (bookstores sales under budget)
  • Expenses: $87,000, -$11,000 budget, -1% prior (will see pressure later in year)
  • Surplus $27,000, +$31,000 budget, +24K prior (expect deficits April through August)
  • Unrestricted cash $98,000 = 3.6 month’s expenses, up from 3.4
  • Quarter one in excellent liquidity position for 2023
  • Faithful Fiver Rebranding Results
    • Took a poll last month and Grateful Givers was the winner – we can now share the name with our groups
  • 373 givers (with +4 new Givers), donated $4,753 (+$70), averaging $12.74 +.05
  • First quarter 2023 all financial metrics positive
  • Questions/Discussion:
    • The Treasurer commitment is a volunteer position; if interested submit a letter of intent and Intergroup will elect in June.
    • Question re: rebranding for Faithful Fivers. Response: The average Faithful Fiver contribution is greater than $5, so we wanted to be more representative of that. The Intergroup voted on the submissions last month.
  1. Executive Director – Christina
    • Medallion price increase starting June 1 – please spread the word
      • Aluminum medallions – going from .50 to .75 cents
      • Bronze medallions – $1.00 to $1.50
      • Triplate medallions – $17.50 to $19.50
      • Last increase was in 2004, and compared to other Intergroups in major cities, our price points are still at the low-to-mid range
    • Open Services Opportunities:
      • The Buzz, Associate Editor
      • SF and Marin Archives Chair
      • SF Public Relations Chair
      • Sunshine Club Co-Chair
      • Co-Webmaster
      • The Point Chair and Editor
    • Save the Dates for upcoming Founder’s Day activities:
      • Marin Founders Day is June 10th from 12 to 5 at Mt Tam United Methodist Church in Mill Valley
      • SF Founders Day – Picnic in the Park is June 17th from 12 to 3:30pm at Lindley Meadow in Golden Gate Park

Committee Reports

  • Three committee reports (Intergroup or liaison)
    • SF Public Relations, Peter
      • Project Homeless Connect (In Person), May 10 at Bill Graham Civic Center Auditorium
      • Asked by CNCA 06 to help with American Psychiatric Association at Moscone Center on May 20
      • First Sunday Streets in Bayview on Sunday, May 21
        • Need volunteers for all events. Reach out to [email protected] for more information and to get involved.
        • Orientation Monday, May 8, 2023 at 7pm (online)
      • Also working on a presentation at SF Library for unhoused population
    • Outreach Committee, Chad
      • Purpose is to spread the word to attract more meetings to elect IGRs for better representation at Intergroup
      • The committee is drafting a mission statement and elevator pitch for IGRs to make announcements at meetings
      • Committee is drafting a flier outlining the roles of GSRs and IGRs – intend to share for vote next month
      • contact [email protected] with questions
  • Committee Round-Robin Break-out Session
    • Sunshine Club (Clayton B, Tom V)
      • Sunshine Club brings meetings to AA members who are unable to attend regularly scheduled meetings due to illness, accident, or a disabling medical condition.
      • Currently bringing in meetings to two individuals in San Francisco
      • Sunshine Club is looking for a new co-chair, especially in Marin to do outreach for the committee and to raise awareness of this service opportunity.
      • If you are interested in becoming a Sunshine Club volunteer to help bring meetings to people or would like to learn more about the Co-Chair position, reach out to [email protected]
    • HelpChat (Alex R)
      • A service through where newcomers can chat immediately with a sober member of AA. Done via Slack, either from your computer or cell phone. No shifts required, volunteers can respond to chats when they are available.
      • HelpChat can set up 12th Step calls and a lot of the chats involve helping people find a meeting.
      • To get involved email [email protected]
    • Tech (Brian C and Michael P)
      • The Tech Committee works to provide tech best practices to Intergroup and AA meetings in San Francisco and Marin
      • Brian C recently stepped in as the new Chair for the Tech Committee and Michael P is the current web-master. The Tech Committee is looking to fill a co-webmaster position to help manage the website
      • The Tech Committee needs more committee members. We are working/wanting to focus on the following issues:
        • update our resource for online meetings and Zoom bombings
        • develop a local team of volunteers to help with the Airtable database
        • figure out a new VOIP service for the SF Teleservice line

Old Business

  • Committee Chairs’ length of service and Intergroup election process recommendations (Andrew)
    • Propose that Intergroup elections for committee chairs will be in January and July. The committees identify the committee chairs, and Intergroup approves.
    • Discussion/Questions:
      • Clarification that this proposal is only for Intergroup Service Committees, such as Tech, HelpChat and Sunshine Club
      • This proposal helps us to align better with the Traditions and Concepts, and helps promote the spirit of rotation.
      • Committee Chairs would be approved by a vote from both the Board and the Intergroup Representatives.
      • Bylaws suggest a two-year term for committee chairs. The committee chairs are nominated and appointed within the committee first and would then be approved at either the January or July elections at the Intergroup meeting.
      • Question re: why this is being proposed. Response: helps us adhere to our bylaws and currently some committees don’t have chairs and are struggling to keep going. May help to better support the Committees.
    • Motion to approve the committee chair length of service and committee election process as outlined in the memo that was shared. (Approved and seconded)
      • Approved with two-thirds vote (23 yes and 5 abstentions)
  • Change the monthly meeting: (Marty)
    • Quarterly, rather than monthly, Service Committee Liaison Reports;
    • Break-out rooms at every monthly meeting;
    • Five IGRs per month give a brief description of their home group;
    • Raffle every monthly meeting
    • Discussion/Questions:
      • IGRs shared that break out rooms provide opportunity to interact while online
      • Like the idea of hearing from other IGRs about the meetings they represent
      • Question regarding purpose of the raffle item and if there is a cost associated with it.
        • Cost not set yet but could add an element of fun.
      • Like the spirit of the recommendation as it would be good to get more interaction, but feels like more discussion needs to be had.
    • Tabled to next meeting (no objections)

New Business

  • Statement of Purpose (Isae)
    • Statement of Purpose came about due to folks not knowing what Intergroup is
    • The statement of purpose is designed to be brief, simple, and easy to remember. It is now stated at the beginning of the Intergroup meeting, and was included in the annual report. It can be used as a guide when Intergroup Reps talk about Intergroup at the meetings they attend.
  • Hybrid Meeting Ad-Hoc Committee: Motion to create an ad-hoc committee for the specific purpose of evaluating what it would take to create a monthly hybrid Intergroup meeting, including logistics, costs associated, service positions, and other considerations necessary.
    • Tabled for next meeting

Targeted Message

  1. Intergroup is raising medallion prices beginning June 1. The new prices are: $.75 for Aluminum chips, $1.50 for Bronze chips, and $19.50 for Triplate chips. We are well stocked right now, so don’t delay getting chips at the current price! Visit us at Central Office or purchase online at
  2. Intergroup is seeking a new Board Treasurer starting July 2023. The Treasurer helps prepare and present the financial statements, and oversees the annual Intergroup operating budget. This is a two-year commitment and it is a great opportunity to be of service to Alcoholics Anonymous. Please spread the word and for details reach out to [email protected].
  3. Save the Date for upcoming Founders Day events:
    1. Marin Founders Day (SF and Marin Intergroup in collaboration with Marin Fellowship Committee) on June 10 from 12 to 5 pm at the Mount Tamalpais United Methodist Church, in Mill Valley
    2. SF Founders Day on June 17 from 12 to 3:30pm at Lindley Meadow, in Golden Gate Park.

Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement

Treasurer  – Balance Sheet

March 2023 Balance Sheet


Treasurer – Income Statement

March 2023 Income Statement


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