Intergroup Meeting – Proposed Minutes
Wednesday, February 2, 2022, 7-8:30 PM

Intergroup coordinates services which individual groups in San Francisco and Marin cannot provide. We bring these services, as well as service opportunities, to our Member Groups. Our Intergroup observes the intent and spirit of A.A.’s Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for World Service, as well as A.A.’s Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service.

7:00   Getting Started

  1. Open with the Serenity Prayer
  2. Call to order. Statement of Purpose
  3. Review the minutes and agenda
  4. Roll Call
  5. 44 groups represented: 26 from San Francisco, 18 from Marin

  1. Orientation: Alison: new orientation materials; we do orientation before this meeting; materials available for anyone; its been modified; have pdfs updated, there is a link
  2. New IGRs, Visitors, AA Anniversaries
  1. New IGRs: Kate P – Leaky Cauldron; Dillon S – Weekend Warriors; Sonya – Came to Believe;  Gina C – Marin a Vision for You
  2. Visitors: –
  3. Anniversaries: Charlie – 6 yrs, Elena – 10 yrs, Kaitlyn – 2 yrs, Alison – 6 yrs, John – 2 yrs! HBD everyone!!!!
  1. Approval of agenda (housekeeping item)
  1. Motion to approve: James; Second: Chip T

Approval of last month’s Intergroup Meeting minutes (housekeeping item)

  1. Motion to approve: Isae; Second: John B

7:05   Officer Reports

  1. Board Chair – Charlie: Welcome Flip as new Recording Secretary; Thank you Alex; welcome Christina Exec. Dir.; been on boarding her for last month; discussion on 2022 events – taking all ideas, gathering best course of action; either hybrid or workshops to get the most out of our intergroup and fellowship. 
    1. Christina: Central office open 10-6 T – S, purchase literature – have a lot of books in stock; placed grapevine order.  Marcus printed updated meeting sched. However meeting schedule constantly changing so go to website for current info; updated mask mandate – retail space so wearing masks, if you come wear mask. Holiday in February so closed on Feb. 15.  Notice will be in Buzz.  I hope to soon get vols back in office and answering phones; grateful to Marin and SF teleservice for answering phones.  One thing to work on is ensure internet connection strong enough to hold myself and volunteers.  Meetings that needs group insurance – renewal in mid Jan; reach out to Marcus [email protected] to get.  Tomorrow is 30 days on job –working on accounting, bill pay, donations; grateful to contributors.  Year end so tax forms need to be filled.  More to learn but look forward to committee meetings and meeting you; IFAA celebrated 75th anniv. This week.  
  • Treasurer – Jim B

YEAR END 2021:

  1. Group Contributions: $183,571 – $23,615 under budget YTD
  2. Individual Contributions: $106,737 – $12,148 under budget YTD – 
    1. $11,467 is just 4% under
  3. Overall surplus / deficit: $571 surplus > $20,000 expected deficit – expenses were $31K under
  4. Unrestricted Cash: $51,618 equal to approx 2.1 monthly operating expenses (1.5-2 “good”)
  5. Financial rating for the Year is “Excellent”
  6. Faithful Fivers: 7 additional members $192 increase over Nov. 5% increase annualized is a big # – every bit counts; user website to become a Fiver! 
  7. Jaime – Very comprehensive thank you! 

7:30   Intergroup Committee Reports (up to 2 minutes/report)

  1. Tech Committee – Alex B: Chair Welcome Fiona new chair Tech committee; – part of OG tech committee years ago.  Excited to be back; want to get to know existing members, get new members.  Mtg with Christina soon.
  2. The Point – John B bells and whistle on new site but having difficulty uploading content; monthly mtg 2nd Sat. looking for content for March (3rd step/trad/concept) include jokes artwork, anything re AA local
  3. Sunshine Club – Clayton
  1. In person mtgs may resume;
  2. Looking at health regs; hospital policies also in flux; Alan Gaines was there – we appreciate Alan coming helping us out.  
  3. Doing phone calls?  No one has requested phone call – zoom has filled that purpose.  
  4. Q: Alison: in last month targeted message – wasn’t sure about announcement – is it vols can make calls?  What should we say? Clayton: IGR’s announce we continue to make phone calls; hope was to find people who want a phone call. Q: Allison: so it’s around awareness building?  Yes, the phone service.  Hopefully infection rate will go down and will begin in person mtgs.
  1. Ad-Hoc Inventory Committee – Chip G
  1. Sent meeting materials for inventory 2/5;
  2. This is not a debate, not going to get anything done, nothin decided; just air thoughts 
  1. Archives Committee – Mike 
  1. archives; chair; meet 3rd sun. in person – 
  2. organizing all material; slowed down lately looking for new archival material – please submit; 
  3. look forward to contributing materials for 75th anniversary.  
  4. Archives @
  1. Public Relations – Peter M
  1. We try to carry message to public; you can help: know a place for presentation or if you work somewhere that would like a presentation; put us in touch with your HR  
  2. Calling card is outreach tool; in person reentry event 2/11 – recovery “rally” – by adult probation.  About drug overdose crisis – info table; 
  3. outreach through media: message on KGO and working on other stations.  
  4. Pamphlet for housing challenges; next mtg. 2/14 7 pm.
  1. Elena – fellowship – 
  1. as Charlie mentioned looking forward to discuss ideas for events etc. excited to make those come true.  
  2. Had a mini mtg and talked re first event on founders day in June – hopefully can do something in person; will have backup plan if not possible; focus on 75th anniv. 
  3. As anchor; we’d love all interested in becoming comm. Member; would also love a chair for the Fellowship committee!  If you know someone not current IGR – not requirement – is interested?  [email protected] (party planner?)
  • Isae – Buzz  
  1. Announcing it: keep it fresh, limit repeat announcements (2x max)
  2. Make it relevant
  3. Focus on AA – content sponsored by an AA group, conference or service entity, aligned with 12 traditions.

7:45   Service Committee Liaison Reports (up to 2 minutes/report)

Jillian/ Marin teleservice – did have successful committee turnover; Todd L. made new chairperson and still answering phones based on vol supply; life is good. Nikki: thank you for service.

Molly – Marin general svce.  Upcoming: PRASA – Alison is SF gen. svce will also talk PRASA.

Alison – SF Gen svce – last month gave teaser topics – maybe graphic novel of BB.  

  1. SF Gen Svce has new website. Great resource for GSR’s; calendar of events etc.  
  2. PRAASA 2022: March 4-6; hosted virtually by Oregon Area 58; online reg for PRAASA now available thru 35;

SF H&I – next business mtg. 3/19 12 noon.

  1. 14 H&I zoom mtgs. 3 in person – St. Francis; Father Alfred’s; Skip Byron
  2. Lit. continues to be delivered to facilities
  3. Expenses/contributions down but we are sound at this time; still need contributions for lit.
  4. Contacting treatment facilities for in-person mtg status
  5. Area 62 looking for regional Chair for H&I Norcal.

Karen Grant – liaison Marin H&I; our mtg is 2/8 marin alano club; orientation 6:15; biz mtg 7:15 – live.  Need new chair.  Jails reopend – first mtg next Monday. 

Bridging gap: Phil – liaison.  New co secretary Rudy San Miguel; same position as sunshine club and H&I – access.  Talked to UCSF, adult probation event we will be there.  Made decision to make our own web page to go on GS website.

7:55   Old Business

  1. Intergroup Inventory 2/5

Chip – sent out info – will send reminder later this week; all zoom.  10 am 2/5.  This is not a debate; conduct shows what’s it about – cross talk not accepted.  Commenting inappropriate.  Just opp to express yourself – summarize responses at the end and distribute; will put top concerns on intergroup to-do. 

Carol Q: is facilitator actively participating?  Chip: yes, presenting Q’s – round robin, Question 1 etc.  Will be very involved.  Nikki: is outside intergroup; yes, but very involved in GS.  Was a trustee and experienced.

Melissa: if I had not been on that committee I would wonder about the facilitator.  The committee has met with him for – Chip: 5-6 mos; he is one impressive leader.  Going to make the process work.

Isae: Chip thank you for work on this; encourage IGR’s to participate.  Q’s are great, great opp to provide feedback.  

Jackie: (from SF GS) added plug for how important inventories are; do every year at district.  Important to spiritual health of service body.  Principles at work – willing to look at ourselves; not to be missed.

Chip: TY Jackie will be scribe.

Nikki: Much thought into Q’s – Chip how were Q’s determined? Chip: started with a whole bunch; wanted to boil down to 7.  Possible we won’t get through all.  Had 12-15 people attend mtgs.  Had lots of discussion; boiled down to 23, had comm members vote for top 8. Top 7 made final cut.

Nikki:  2/5 10 am.

Chip: got login info, Q’s.  

7:56   New Business

Nikki: working on budget things – next month will have draft budget to review.

8:25   What’s On Your Mind

Alison – the pdf’s for orientation I put in chat; given to new IGR’s or if you want refresher.

Jackie – agenda topics coming up; will contact comm chairs – will bring those topics; GS conference will vote on; will send out topics list – collect group conscience in March.

8:24   Targeted Message

  1. Central Office Schedule: Tues – Sat 10am to 6pm
  2. Buy lit thru central office website and come to pick up – curbside pickup; support central office – big order arrived, lots there.  
  3. Be a Faithful Fiver – 7 new ones in past month!
  4. Subscribe to the Buzz!

Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement

Next Intergroup Meeting is Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022. Our monthly meeting will continue to be held online per local guidelines from the health department until further notice. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Treasurer’s Narrative 
Figures for Month and Year Ending December 31, 2021


Group Contributions for the month were $28,274 exceeding expectations by $2,470 

Group Contributions year to date were $183,571 short of expectations by <$23,615> 

Individual Contributions for the month were $13,502 short of expectations by <$1,731> 

Individual Contributions year to date were $106,737 exceeding expectations by $12,148 

  • Overall, contributions were ~$11.5K below expectations for the year. 
  • This was just 4% under plan of $302K


IFAA experienced a surplus (or profit) of $17,226 for the month or $3,032 better than expected.  

Year to date surplus (total revenue minus total expenses) was an unadjusted $9,071 [1] or $29,071 in excess of budgeted deficit of <$20K>. 

  • Overall, IFAA made surplus of $571  for the year net of all adjustments [1]
  • While contributions were lower than expected for the year, reductions in Employee Expenses, Committee Expenses, Operational Expenses, and Outside Services related to database and website management technologies more than outweighed the difference.


Unrestricted Cash (in addition to 6 Mo. Prudent Reserve) was an adjusted $63,521 or 2.5 months [2] of expenditures.

  • Adjustments for Fiscal Year Close (or FYC) were factored into both cash and monthly expenses for unrestricted cash calculation. 12 month average expenses were used. 


[1] Year to date Net Revenue per Income Statement = $9,071 less <$8,500> of invoices paid in 2022 for services in 2021 = $571

[2] Funds were consolidated to Wells Fargo after Capital One elimination of money market business account and Executive Director transfer. 

Reduce $170,339 PR balance by $10,468 to = $159,931 (approved prudent reserve) 

$53,053 + $10,468 = $63,521 [FYC expenses averaged $25K/mo for the year]

Bank transfer was made on 1/20/2022


Unrestricted Cash fell from $228,336 to $53,053 from prior year (-$175,283). In addition to adjustment [2] above and regular operational expense variations, the primary reason for reduction was the return of bequest money. Cleared check for $140K was identified out of Wells Fargo Checking cut on 2/17/2021 with description “Return of Large Bequest – SDC Trust”  

OVERALL RATING: EXCELLENT (meeting our budget, profitable for the month)


EXCELLENT:  We exceeded our budget.  Our income was greater than our expenses for both the month and YTD and we have more than two months’ worth of operating expenses in unrestricted cash balances.  

GOOD: We are meeting our budget.  Our net income for the month, or for the YTD, was slightly greater than our expenses and we’d have approximately 1.5 – 2 months of operating expenses in unrestricted cash balances.

FAIR: We are not meeting our budget.  Our expenses were greater than our income for the month and year to date, so our unrestricted cash balance would be somewhere between 1 and 1.5x our operating expenses. 

POOR: We are not meeting our budget and our unrestricted cash balances fell below one month of operating expenses.


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