San Francisco and Marin Intergroup Meeting – Proposed Minutes 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 7-8:30 PM 

Intergroup coordinates services which individual groups in San Francisco and Marin cannot provide. We bring these services, as well as service opportunities, to our Member Groups. Our Intergroup observes the intent and spirit of A.A.’s Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for World Service, as well as A.A.’s Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service. 

7:00 Getting Started 

  1. Open with the Serenity Prayer 
  2. Call to order. Statement of Purpose 
  3. Review the minutes and agenda 
  4. Roll Call
  1. 39 groups represented: 28 from San Francisco, 11 from Marin

  1. New IGRs, Visitors, AA Anniversaries
  1. New IGRs: John L., On Awakening Zoom; Jackie, Anything is Possible; Steven S., Alternate IGR, Attitude Adjustment 7am Zoom
  2. Visitors: Charlie B., San Mateo Liaison
  3. AA Anniversaries: Jessie H., 6 years; Andrew S., 7 years 
  1. Approval of agenda (housekeeping item) 
  1. Approved
  1. Approval of last month’s Intergroup Meeting minutes (housekeeping item) 
  1. Approved

7:15 Officer Reports 

  1. Board Chair – Charlie
  1. Hope everyone has a great holiday season 
  1. Executive Director – Charlie on behalf of Christina 
  2. If your meeting has temporary meeting closures or you know of holiday alcathons, please email info at [email protected]
  3. Central office will be closed 12/24 and 12/31 
  1. Service opportunities – Call to spread the word and refer to packet for more details 
    1. Co-webmaster (experience as web administrator helpful)
    2. Bookkeeper who can provide help with QuickBooks
    3. Central Office volunteers, especially on Fridays (application here)
  1. Treasurer – Jim: 
  2. Revenue: 
  3. Total revenue was $272,000, 7% under budget but 9% ahead of last year 
  4. Group contributions exceed budget when adding “Fellowship” contributions including Marin Teleservice and Sobriety by the Bay 

iii. Individual contributions expected to increase in November/December 

Iv. Bookstore sales exceeded budget and also exceed prior year by 51%

  1. Expenses: 
  2. Total expenses $298,000, 7% under budget and 13% ahead of prior year 
  3. Deferral in rent increase and other measures to improve slightly
  4. Deficit and Rating: 
  5. Budgeted deficit of $27,000, however actual deficit is currently at $25,000 
  6. Revenues surge and expense management likely to close the gap 

iii. Liquidity improves along with bottom line (up from “Fair” to “Good”)

  1. Trend likely to continue with November/December
  2. Rating = Fair to Good 
  3. Faithful Fivers: 
  4. 305 Faithful Fivers – donated $4,156 – up $82 
  5. The average Faithful Fiver contribution is $13.63

iii. October to November up 38 Faithful Fivers – 7 shy from our 2022 goal of 350 Faithful Fivers. Go to and click “contribute” [Group, Individual, Gratitude Month, and Faithful Fiver]. The website is an excellent source for all the methods available to contribute. 

  1. Responses to questions: 
  2. Yes, Pop-Up Bookstore helped with the increase in sales and 

Ii. Faithful Fiver contributions go straight to Central Office.

7:25 Intergroup Committee Reports (up to 2 minutes/report)

  1. Archives Committee, Mike O: 
    1. Next meeting is Sunday, 12/17 at 12pm at Central Office and Zoom (hybrid)
    2. Due to low enthusiasm, Archives is moving into semi-hibernation and starting in the new year, meetings will move quarterly with first meeting in March
  2. Marin H&I, Paul A.: (note, not an Intergroup Committee) 
    1. Need for male sponsors to sponsor men at San Quentin. (25 men currently need sponsors)
      1. 5-year sobriety requirement; call  Maxie (510) 461-661 if available 
    2. H&I meets on second Tuesday on 12/13 at 6:15pm followed by business meeting 
  3. Communications Committee, Isae W.:
    1. Supports Intergroup and Board Committees’ 12 Step work
    2. Recent projects include Intergroup annual report, The Buzz weekly news and events newsletter, and The Point 
    3. Call for volunteers with communications/marketing experience helpful
    4. Next meeting is scheduled for 12/12 at 5:30pm 
    5. For more information, contact [email protected]
  4. SF Public Relations, Peter M.: 
    1. Rotation! Electing new committee officers  
    2. Project Homeless Connect is next week 12/14. Volunteer support is needed. Contact [email protected] to volunteer.
  5. The Buzz, Caitlin T:
    1. Service Opportunity – Associate Editor needed 
    2. Guidelines for submitting available at [email protected] 
  6. Outreach Committee, Alison T:
    1. First meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 4 at 6PM (before Intergroup)
    2. Purpose is to connect AA groups in SF and Marin to 12 Step services provided by SF and Marin Intergroup
    3. For more information, contact [email protected]  
  7. Help Chat, Colleen S. – Interim Chair: 
    1. Service where newcomers can chat immediately with a sober member of AA via the website
    2. Next business meeting 12/13 at 6pm online

7:35 Service Committee Liaison Reports 

  1. Alison – SF General Service
    1. Election season for the district 
      1. December Elections: Service manual and concept study facilitator, District Archivist, H&I Liaison, Intergroup Liaison, SF Public Relations Liaison
      2. Area elections continuing 
        1. Literature, Grapevine and La Vina Chair for Panel 73 will be held on 12/17 at 12:30pm during the area committee meeting of this month (hybrid). 
    2. General Service has re-opened for visitors after two years! If you are visiting NYC, please make an appointment 
    3. Highlights from the General Service Conference: 
  2. Jillian – Marin Teleservice
    1. Next Meeting 12/27 at 7:30PM on Zoom
      1. Wear a crazy hat for “Crazy Hat Night”
    2. In January, Marin Teleservice will be electing a new committee 
    3. For more information or to sign up to volunteer for a shift, contact 

7:45 Old Business 

  1. 2023 Budget: 
  1. Despite contributions improvements, 2023 revenue goal is still aggressive and expense budget is very tight 
  2. Likely to suffer an operating loss in 2023
  3. The 2023 budget predicts a $16,600 loss but maintains services and the prudent reserve. Although, it predicts a loss, the goal is to break even.
  4. Discussion re: budget:
  1. The Board discussed how we can raise revenue, through such things as the deficit letter, encouraging groups to send in their 7th Tradition contributions and announcing Faithful Fivers.
  2. The Board voted on the budget and then put forth the recommendation to Intergroup for their approval.
  1. 2023 Budget vote – Majority needed to Pass the Budget 
    1. Approved by majority. 

8:00 New Business 

  1.  National AA Tech Workshop (NAATW) 2022 Presentation – Andrew S.
    1. NAATW’s mission is to provide a forum in which to share experience, strength and hope regarding technology in AA 
    2. Learning how technology helps 12 Step work including:
      1. Information via websites, meeting locators, bridging the gap and other service entity applications, contributions, literature, storing and sharing content, communications on all levels, hybrid (audio), and accessibility
    3. Discussions included Hybrid vs. Crossover. Important considerations to make meetings attractive and effective
    4. 12 Statements of Technology  – suggestions to consider when using technology 
    5. Takeaways: 
      1. If you have technology, invite people to learn
      2. Intergroup can do wonderful things to assist groups
      3. Goal to use technology to make meetings more unified 
    6. If you want more information on how technology can improve 12 Step work, contact [email protected]  
  2. Discussion:
    1. Pros and cons of hybrid meetings and the issue of certain individuals getting stuck in tech commitments, which can lead to burnout
    2. Working on breaking down each session in a crowd-sourced document to share with those who are interested. 

8:15 What’s On Your Mind 

  • Reflection on all the good work this group has done over the course of the year. Group inventory anchored the spirit of moving this group forward. 
  • Curious if this group is thinking about revisiting the idea of meeting in person. 
    • Suggestion that if we did go back in-person, it might be a great opportunity to use hybrid technology to increase tech skills and have everyone participate. 

8:19 Targeted Message 

  1. Thank you for your support of San Francisco and Marin Intergroup. Please remember to send in Gratitude Month contributions before the end of the year. And help us reach our goal of 350 Faithful Fivers – we are so close! To sign-up visit, Your additional contributions support important 12th Step services, including running Central Office, selling A.A. literature, publishing the meeting schedule and our website. 
  2. Be of service to San Francisco and Marin Intergroup – reach out to [email protected] for details. We are looking to fill the following volunteer positions: 
  3. Co-Webmaster 
  4. Bookkeeper 
  5. Support our Intergroup service committees – check out our calendar on to see when the committees meet and anyone can participate. 

      Adjourn with the Responsibility Statement 

Next Intergroup meeting will be on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 7:00 pm. Orientation will at 6:00 pm.

December 2022 Intergroup Meeting Treasurer’s Narrative
Year to Date Ended
October 31, 2022

Though total revenues are still $20K or 7% under budget year to date, group
contributions slightly exceed budget when factoring in fellowship contributions (Sobriety
by the Bay / Marin Teleservice) and surpassed the prior year by 5% Individual
contributions have decreased by $13K marking the continuing transition back to in
person meetings. Bookstore sales were right on budget and 51% ahead of prior year
due to post pandemic increase in foot traffic.

Expenses year to date are also under budget by 7% congruent with revenues. A rent
increase in November was deferred possibly helping us end the year slightly better but
the next two months will tell. We will likely end the year within budget overall, but they
will likely still exceed revenues. As discussed during the budgeting process, an increase
in revenues back to pre-pandemic levels will need to happen to cover increased
expenses due to inflationary pressures. An audit of expenses by vendor revealed costs
increasing across the board.

IFAA is currently experiencing a year to date loss of $25K a slight improvement over
last month and ahead of budget by $2K. Gratitude month, and end of year contributions
will improve our outlook but to what extent is still uncertain. It is likely we will end the
year with a loss close to budget and well in excess of prior year. Also discussed during
the budgeting process, this was largely anticipated and sustainable for 2022, but not in
2023 without restructuring.

Unrestricted cash in addition to our 6-month prudent reserve increased slightly in
October due to a slightly profitable October. Liquid reserves ended the period at 1.4
months or “Fair to Good” up from “Fair” in September. We are still in a solvent cash
position, and will likely still be at year end but if the trend continues, our liquidity will be
depleted necessitating access to our prudent reserve in 2023.

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