By John W



As in doing it thoroughly

With great attention to detail,

Taking great pains in the process


It had seemed the triviality of the returns

Did not merit the obvious effort needed.

How had it once been so eloquently put?

“The juice ain’t worth the squeeze.”


If You Are . . . . .Painstaking


Contempt prior to investigation long abandoned

Hope reigned supreme

Defects removed in humility,

Allowed The List to be made


Then came the clearing away

As with a leaf blower in autumn

Only these leaves, once amended, came not back

They were gone, not to return.


No bad penny these, a clean slate

Hope in this new found freedom

Had blown away discouragement

Slowly, new behavior had replaced old habits.


A new outlook swept away despair

At least for this day, this one day, Today.

Tomorrow’s challenges would wait, yesterday’s were gone

I needed only to trudge today, that I could now do.


*   *   *   *   *

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