As of midnight, March 16, San Francisco and Marin Counties have been issued “Shelter in Place” orders. In lieu of physical meetings, our membership has quickly established remote (Phone / Online) meetings. Central Office is working with GSO and the NY Intergroup resources to establish “Zoom Rooms” for a longer-term online meeting solution. 

Many meetings are using Zoom to transition to online meetings. 

Getting a Zoom Account

Go to and click “Sign Up For Free”  to create an account.

Determine if you’d like to use a free or paid Zoom account.

  • Free Account: Free accounts are available on Zoom to schedule one-time 40 minute meetings up to 100 participants. 
  • Paid Account: If you’d like to create a recurring meeting with up to 100 participants, similar to a weekly AA meeting, consider signing up for the paid options multiple/recurring 1hr+ meetings with up to 100 participants costs only $14.99/monthly or up to 300 for $19.99/month. Or you can find someone that already has a paid account to share with as many A.A.s have already signed up for these.
      • Click on ” Plans and Pricing” and purchase the $14.99 Package. Then select ‘Monthly’ billing instead of ‘Annual’ and checkout.

Set Up Meetings for Anonymity

Go to Account Settings.

Turn Off Recordings:

  1. Click on the Recordings link on the left.
  2. On the right side of the page, turn off the Local and Cloud recording features and click Save.

Recordings tab in zoom

Turn Off Participant Controls:

  1. Click on the Settings link on the left.
  2. On the right side of the page, turn off: Autosaving chats, file transfer, screen sharing, virtual background, and remote control.

Settings Tab on Zoom

Schedule a Meeting

  1. Click on Schedule a Meeting
  2. Check the box for ‘Recurring’ and configure recurring frequency/days.
  3. Uncheck “Require meeting password” and Check “Mute participants on entry”
  4. Click Save
  5. On the confirmation page, click on “Copy the Invitation Link.” and paste it onto a separate document. You will use the information to report your meeting.

Schedule a Meeting Page - Zoom

Report Your New Meeting to Central Office

Fill out our List a New Meeting form so we can both add and remove you from the appropriate schedule. 

Review these articles on AA Online Meetings:

Familiarize yourself with the Zoom support center.

AAs can now connect to your meeting with a single click, touch, or phone call. And for meetings with sponsees, Zoom is always free for one:one meetings. Please consider this as information sharing only – in support of our common welfare and personal recovery – and not an endorsement of any outside enterprise.