The Point is a monthly newsletter of articles from SF and Marin members sharing experience, strength and hope they found in A.A.

Proud of her bad attitude, Kathleen C. thought anyone who told her what to do was wrong in Rebellious Attitude. Ken G. was drinking Pepto Bismol with vodka until Small Nudges to Change brought him into the rooms. John W. broke through cords of resentment when Step 7 opened his eyes. Rick R. describes supporting his son’s recovery in Breaking the Cycle.

Carla H. enlightens us about the most mysterious job in A.A.: General Service Representative. John A. remembers how his first Living Sober Conference in 2002 at the Bill Graham Center inspired hope and became an integral part of his sobriety. Judy G. shows how she creates new neural pathways in Let Go or Be Dragged. We would love to hear your story, too! If you’d like to write for The Point, email us: [email protected]


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