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There is another meaning for the Hebrew word that in the King James version of the Bible is translated ‘salvation.’ It is: ‘to come home.’ I had found my  ‘salvation.’ I wasn’t alone anymore,” Marty M. once wrote. This month The Point showcases stories about the sense of belonging we find in the rooms.

We are people who normally would not mix

At first Claire thought everyone went home and had a nice glass of wine after all the talking at meetings. Then her home group taught her to laugh more (even, a little, at herself) as she learned to be social while sober. Ken J. describes the paradox of jaded alcoholics and their “yets.” Jhene traces how she practiced our principles in a motorcycle safety class. And Kathleen intuitively knows what to say to her mom in the ICU.

More is revealed for John W. and Rick R. as they trudge through Step 5. Although we are people who normally would not mix, the fellowship, friendliness and understanding we develop are indescribably wonderful.

—Michelle G.

The Point is a monthly newsletter of articles from SF and Marin members sharing experience, strength and hope they found in A.A. If you’d like to write for The Point, email us: [email protected]

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