By Dede H


My first act of service
is to love myself
so I may love others and you
It may not be the self you know
but I must tell you I have received
Clarity for which I am thankful
and Freedom to be Love
for my True Self which is You

Everyone may enjoy our recovery
as each day offers endless ways
to share our True Selves
with our families and friends and
fellow travelers who love us too
We share a Spiritual Awakening
for we cannot keep it unless we do
for that is what spirit does

It moves and thrives between us
Just as God gives a bird wings
to fly and it must or die
We take our chance for if we don’t
we might also shrink and lie
When we walk into a gathering
in a room or join friends on ZOOM
our happiness and joy is free
Why wouldn’t we give it away?

Spirit moves and heals and thrills
us in an ecstasy we only need
to claim as it is our daily meal
As spiritual beings having a human
to our Higher Power holding us
in its arms when we sit in a chair
or lie in a bed and stare into
our minds eye

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