By Michelle W.


Neither here nor there
Many paths
But One Path

Sitting in peace and heaviness
Can’t stay here much longer
Mindful of Directions, goals and actions
Look around, Look Inside
It is time to decide

Doors, Roads and Waterways

Down the long narrow stretch
So many doors behind
Many doors ahead
Which to open
Turn, look, close

In the middle I stand
Circled by crossroads
Rocky Roads, Dirty Roads
Sunny roads and dark roads
Roads Out west

Many Signs Ahead:
Green lights and caution signs
Yield, turn right, turn left
Too many signs

One foot in and one foot out

Over the bridge
It is time to take the leap
Leap of faith
Falling, Falling Apart

Broken Mast and torn sails
Dark stormy nights
And choppy waters

Full steam ahead
Woman of War Behind
In this sacred space
The fight is over

Beacon of light insight

One Path
Holding on to Faith
She opens her wings and Flys

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