Carry the Message

A.A. service is anything whatever that helps us to reach a fellow sufferer

— Bill W

What is Intergroup?

San Francisco and Marin Intergroup serves more than 900 A.A. groups in our common purpose of carrying the A.A. message of recovery to alcoholics. We provide important services for local 12th Step work, such as running Central Office, selling A.A. literature, publishing a local meeting directory and website and operating a 24-hour telephone hotline. 

In addition, Intergroup connects the local Fellowship to service opportunities, informs the public and professional community about A.A. and acts as an information exchange for announcements and events.

How to get involved


Trusted Servant Registration

Service Opportunities

Step up to be an Intergroup Representative to coordinate services that the individual groups in San Francisco and Marin cannot provide

Register as a Trusted Servant. Make sure your meeting secretary and treasurer are registered with us. It is only with your help that we can maintain current information about meeting locations, times and special events.

Much of the work of the Intergroup is done by service committees. These currently include Teleservice, Public Relations, Archives, The Buzz, Fellowship, HelpChat, The Point, Sunshine Club, and Technology.

We are self supporting through our own contributions. Please consider a contribution for you or for your group.

Seventh Tradition

Group Contributions

Encourage your home group to submit regular contributions to Central Office. Contributions for H & I, your General Service District, our Area and the General Service Office are also critical to the ongoing success of A.A. Please note that contributions to those entities can be made directly to them – links below.

Individual Contributions

Consider putting $2—or the cost of your last drink! —into the basket when your meeting practices the 7th Tradition. You can also contribute directly to Central Office (not to exceed $5,000 year).

Faithful Fivers

A Faithful Fiver is an A.A. member who graciously pledges to contribute $5 or more each month to support Central Office in our efforts to carry the A.A. message of hope and recovery to the still suffering alcoholic.

Other Service Entities

Intergroup provides services to local groups and members that are beyond the scope of individual meetings, such as Central Office and the website. Intergroup works in cooperation with other service entities to ensure such as: General Service which is our link to A.A as a whole; H & I whose purpose is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the alcoholic who is confined; and Marin Teleservice which provides phone coverage when Central Office is closed and ensures 12th step workers are available to alcoholics in need. Each of these service entities co-exist in mutual cooperation and harmony.

Hospital and Institution

Marin Teleservice

Join an Intergroup Service Committee! Attend an upcoming service committee and get involved!

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help. I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible