Please read this announcement from the Intergroup Outreach Committee at A.A. meetings you attend that do not have an Intergroup Representative (IGR). The announcement aims to increase IGR participation in San Francisco and Marin and help Intergroup better serve our Fellowship. To get involved with the Outreach Committee, contact [email protected] and join the next meeting on September 6 @ 6pm. It can be read during the time set aside for announcements:

“We are encouraging meetings that don’t have an Intergroup Rep (IGR) to consider appointing one. IGRs are the liaisons between A.A. groups and Intergroup. 

“Of the 900+ meetings in San Francisco and Marin, only 42 have active IGRs. They vote on matters that affect Intergroup and A.A. at the local level, such as Central Office, money, literature, our website and more. IGRs also keep groups up to date with local information on service opportunities. IGRs ensure that local A.A. groups have a voice at Intergroup. If you have  questions please come up to me after the meeting or check out the flier.” 

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