Maintaining – or getting – sober during a global pandemic is not something any of us have experience with. This time has been referred to by many as akin to wartime. Right now, we are making history in how we are navigating our sobriety and the challenges associated with the shelter-in-place order, including feelings of isolation and powerlessness. But this is not the first crisis AA’s have been through. 

On Saturday, April 11 from 2 – 4PM, our Intergroup Archives Committee, in collaboration with Jackie B., presented A.A. in War & Crisis: A Historical Perspective with special guests Roger W. and Greg M. We are posting the audio recordings of the talks  below.

In them, they share their experience with AA and sobriety during WWII, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. AA made it through then and we can do so now.

Members from all over the United States and as far as Colombia and Japan joined us and we maxed out our room capacity at 500. It was a tremendous experience and we are encouraged to do more like it. If you have ideas for presentations, contact us [email protected].

Roger W.

Greg M.

A late addition, Irving D.

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