A Step One Poem

By Dee H.

Powerless without my stinking thinking

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

God wants me to stop drinking

Concretely and abstractly

My Father Mother God loves me


I align my will with God’s—I am free

I am creative, spiritually toiled

I’m an individual—a moral savage

In the flow of all that’s good in the world

One with the power of the universe

  and no longer ravaged


Powerless but feeling more powerful

Sick and tired of ugly hang overs 

In sobriety, I’m a peaceful gal 

There’s nothing to question anymore

God wants me to be a sober female


Liver disease and penniless insanity 

Await me If I take another drink 

I will die—demoralized and pitied

Everything gone down the sink

From a woman who’s no longer pretty


Yellow eyes, inflated belly, yet boney

Paranoid—nothing makes sense

Recklessly spending money

Staggering, reckless and feckless

Honestly—no good to anyone  


I’m powerless yet more powerful

Free to live and love my loved ones

No debt to that resentful creditor

Alcohol has no power over some

Today I live in gratitude and rapture


I don’t need alcohol—it’s too wild

Can’t have it. Allergic!

Nothing left to solve

Grateful for sobriety 

   and my sponsor, Theresa

For we are girls gone mild

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