By John W


It is so hard to understand

Why some things so good today

Can be so bad tomorrow 

How feast becomes famine as an eye blinks.


To such peril, relationships have no immunity.

In truth, they are the ultimate human roller coaster

Even those which Life whispers must be exempt: Parent or Child,

Brother or Sister, Husband or Wife can suffer the most.


The brutalities of life, matched only by its vagaries

For we can so hurt those we love

Returning unbounded trust with betrayal,

Inflicting pain in response to care and compassion.


The mind screams for relief from these shortcomings

Rather than seek their succor as the ego cajoles.

Their nature has been made exact to

The willingness to let go achieved


But how to say “Farewell” to such old, good “friends”?

Going to any lengths had been long promised

Thus the logic to ask some Power greater than I,

To entreat this High Power for relief, became compelling.


If willingness was the key to open the door

To the Road of Happy Destiny the fortunate would trudge,

Then Humility was the hand to turn the key and with key in hand, 

The door would always open, to even the slightest touch.


Only with humility could the strength be summoned

To bid adieu to the fear that dogged every step.

To wave goodbye to a character whose time had passed

To overcome adversities that trouble all humans.


Of this precious commodity there could never be too much

For a shortcoming of character cannot be forever removed

Instead, like A Pebble In One’s Shoe, it is a companion

In life’s steps, a gnawing reminder of a not too distant past


A daily reprieve, the pay back for a proper communion,

This reward, fit for a king and given freely,

The demand in return, a mere suggestion:

Humbly ask for help, be willing to accept it when given.


No sane person would call this price too high and tag it an exorbitant fee.

For sanity had by now returned, had allowed the Decision to be made.

This humble step, one more on the path to a useful, not useless, life.

This humble step, the next on the journey to change and Awakening.

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