Trusted Servants: Registration & Current List with General Service #

A Trusted Servant is an member of an A.A. Group helping to make the meetings possible. Trusted Servant positions include the Secretary, Treasurer and Intergroup Representative (IGR). A.A. has long had a tradition of active member participation and communication throughout the entire organization.

In order to facilitate this, Intergroup asks that the Secretary and Treasurer from each meeting register with contact information. This allows us to send you updates important to your group, and to respond to questions directed to Central Office (“I showed up and the doors were locked. What’s happening?”)

Registration is an easy online process: Trusted Servant Registration. Or complete this PDF and send it to Central Office.

San Francisco Trusted Servants

Snapshot of currently registered trusted servants and Intergroup Representative (IGR). We encourage trusted servants to register with Central Office in case there is a question about your meeting.
11th Step: Power, Power, PowerSt John's Presbyterian ChurchLaurel HtsMon5:45 PM709820
6 AM Dry DockDry DockMarinaSun6:00 AM169105
6 AM Dry DockDry DockMarinaMon6:00 AM169105
6 AM Dry DockDry DockMarinaTue6:00 AM169105
6 AM Dry DockDry DockMarinaWed6:00 AM169105
6 AM Dry DockDry DockMarinaThu6:00 AM169105
6 AM Dry DockDry DockMarinaFri6:00 AM169105
6 AM Dry DockDry DockMarinaSat6:00 AM169105
Frothy Emotional AppealsGratitude CenterInner SunsetTue6:00 AM
Sick AMGratitude CenterInner SunsetFri6:00 AM
We Are All Together NowGratitude CenterInner SunsetMon6:00 AM
6 AM Men's Literature MeetingDry DockMarinaMon6:00 AM688931
6 AM Men's Literature MeetingDry DockMarinaWed6:00 AM688931
7 AM Speaker DiscussionDry DockMarinaThu7:05 AM
Marina Big BookDry DockMarinaSun7:00 AM173690
A New StartMost Holy Redeemer ChurchCastroFri8:30 PM130125
A Vision For YouSt Ignatius ChurchUSFSun6:30 PM634527
A.A. for WomenDry DockMarinaTue6:00 AM
AA As You Like ItAHP ServicesCastroTue5:30 PM157733
Afro American BeginnersWright Chapel AME ChurchOcean ViewSat8:00 PMYY141010
Agnostics & FreethinkersRichmond District Neighborhood CenterRichmondSun6:30 PM144053
Alamo SquareAlamo SquareSun7:00 PM132861
All Together NowSt Kevin's Church, enter on Jarboe AveBernal HtsThu8:00 PM139229
AlumniShepherd of the Hills Lutheran ChurchDiamond HtsWed8:30 PM102010
Any LengthsFort Mason ChapelMarinaSat9:30 AMY132864
Anything is PossibleCongregation Sherith IsraelPacific HtsSun1:00 PMY726425
Anything is PossibleCongregation Sherith IsraelPacific HtsMon5:00 PMY726425
Anything is PossibleCongregation Sherith IsraelPacific HtsTue5:00 PMY726425
Anything is PossibleCongregation Sherith IsraelPacific HtsWed5:00 PMY726425
Artists & WritersAll Saints Episcopal ChurchHaight AshburyFri6:30 PMY164382
As Bill Sees ItSt Patrick's ChurchFinancialTue12:15 PM100565
As Bill Sees ItEureka Valley Rec CenterCastroThu6:00 PM156935
As Bill Sees ItCastro Country ClubCastroThu8:30 PM175522
Ass In A BagMethodist ChurchInner RichmondThu8:30 PM178104
Atheists, Agnostics & OthersThe Women's BuildingMissionSat11:00 AM
Back To BasicsSalvation ArmySOMAWed8:00 PM
Be Still AAMost Holy Redeemer ChurchCastroSun12:00 PMY94913
Beginners Speaker DiscussionSt. Francis HospitalNob HillFri7:00 PMY726171
Beginners Warm UpSt John of God ChurchInner SunsetWed6:00 PM140484
Beginners' Step StudyCastroSat7:00 PM136527
Bernal Big BookSt Kevin's Church, enter on Jarboe AveBernal HtsSat5:00 PM140476
Bernal New DayNeighborhood CenterBernal HtsSun8:00 AMY686080
Bernal New DayNeighborhood CenterBernal HtsMon7:30 AM686080
Bernal New DayNeighborhood CenterBernal HtsTue7:30 AM686080
Bernal New DayNeighborhood CenterBernal HtsThu7:30 AM686080
Bernal New DayNeighborhood CenterBernal HtsSat8:00 AMY686080
Big Book BasicsSt John's United Church of ChristLaguna HondaFri8:00 PMY160485
Blue Book SpecialMission FellowshipMissionSun11:00 AMY614774
Boys Night OutSailor's UnionSOMATue7:30 PMYY
Buena Vista Breakfast ClubHaight AshburySun12:00 PM123239
By The BookSt. Gregory Episcopal ChurchPotrero HillSat10:00 AMY696416
Came To BelieveDolores Street Community CenterMissionSun8:00 AMYY136309
Came to Believe 8:30amDry DockMarinaMon8:30 AM
Came to ParkSt Teresa's Catholic ChurchPotrero HillSat7:00 PM694632
Castro Discussion (Show Of Shows)Eureka Valley Rec CenterCastroThu7:30 PM123948
Castro Monday Big BookCastro Country ClubCastroMon8:30 PMY126245
Chips & SalsaMission FellowshipMissionTue12:00 PM
CocoanutsMission FellowshipMissionSun9:00 AMY139159
Coit's QuittersMeeting SpaceNorth BeachTue6:00 PM
CompassSailor's UnionSOMASun10:00 AMY
Cow Hollow Men's GroupSt Mary the Virgin ChurchCow HollowWed8:00 PMYY664566
Design For LivingSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroSat8:00 AMY158563
Design for Living - Big BookCastro Country ClubCastroThu7:30 AM715188
Dignitaries SympathyDolores Street Community CenterMissionWed8:15 PM655094
Each Day A New BeginningDavies CampusCastroSun8:00 AMY174759
Each Day A New BeginningSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroMon7:00 AMYY174759
Each Day A New BeginningSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroTue7:00 AM174759
Each Day A New BeginningSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroWed7:00 AMYY174759
Each Day A New BeginningSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroThu7:00 AMY174759
Each Day A New BeginningSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroFri7:00 AMYY174759
Early Joyous & FreeMission FellowshipMissionThu7:00 AMY
Early StartMost Holy Redeemer ChurchCastroFri6:00 PM127686
Embarcadero Big Book StudyEmbarcadero YMCAFinancialThu12:10 PM142147
Embarcadero Daily ReflectionsEmbarcadero YMCAFinancialTue12:10 PM142147
Embarcadero Steps & TraditionsEmbarcadero YMCAFinancialMon12:10 PM142147
Epiphany GroupSchool of the EpiphanyExcelsiorThu7:00 PMY
Eureka StepMost Holy Redeemer ChurchCastroTue6:00 PMY705893
Eureka Valley TopicEureka Valley Rec CenterCastroMon6:00 PM147842
Excelsior 'Scent' Free For AllExcelsiorSat5:00 PMY691429
Faith, Hope And CharityMission FellowshipMissionFri12:00 PM
Federal SpeakerWar Memorial Veteran's BuildingCivic CenterSun12:00 PM102017
Firefighters & FriendsSt Luke's Episcopal ChurchNob HillTue10:00 AM102019
Friday All GroupsUrban Life CenterCathedral HillFri8:30 PM615001
Friday Morning 12 SteppersMission FellowshipMissionFri7:00 AMY
Friday Night BlastBayanihan HouseSOMAFri6:30 PM
Friday SmokelessSt Luke's Episcopal ChurchNob HillFri8:00 PM121209
Friendly Circle BeginnersOld First Presbyterian ChurchNob HillSun7:15 PMY606959
Gold Mine GroupSt Aidan's Episcopal ChurchDiamond HtsMon8:00 PM141013
GoodlandsCastroSun2:00 PM125315
Happy HourChurch of Our SaviorParkmercedFri6:30 PMY
Happy Hour Ladies' NightDry DockMarinaFri5:30 PMY160053
Heavy HittersAlamo SquareFri7:00 PM719310
High Noon SaturdayValencia GardensMissionSat12:15 PM688330
High Noon SundayValencia GardensMissionSun12:15 PM688330
High Noon FridayMission Presbyterian ChurchMissionFri12:15 PM100909
High Noon MondayMission Presbyterian ChurchMissionMon12:15 PM100909
High Noon ThursdayMission Presbyterian ChurchMissionThu12:15 PM100909
High Noon TuesdayMission Presbyterian ChurchMissionTue12:15 PMY100909
High Noon WednesdayMission Presbyterian ChurchMissionWed12:15 PM100909
Hoodlum HavenSenior CenterParksideFri8:00 PM
Huntington SquareGrace CathedralNob HillWed6:30 PMYY102040
It Takes a VillageLakeSide Presbyterian ChurchParksideThu6:30 PM
Join The TribeMethodist ChurchInner RichmondTue7:00 PMYYY652276
Keep Coming BackEureka Valley Rec CenterCastroSat10:00 AM144051
Koo Koo Hump DayDavies CampusCastroWed6:00 PM705744
Let It Be NowSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroFri6:00 PMY125882
Lincoln ParkLincoln Park Presbyterian ChurchOuter RichmondSat8:30 PMYY102043
Living Sober With HIVSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroWed6:00 PM149958
Lush LoungeDolores Street Community CenterMissionSat2:00 PMYY648660
Meditation, Prayer & ShareSwedenborgian ChurchPresidio HtsTue7:30 PM
Meeting Place NoonAHP ServicesCastroFri12:00 PMY165892
Wednesday Noon Step StudyAHP ServicesCastroWed12:00 PMY165892
Mellow Mission SunriseMission FellowshipMissionMon7:00 AMY
Mid-Morning SupportCalifornia Pacific Medical CenterPacific HtsSun10:30 AM134115
Miracles (Way) Off 24th St.Most Holy Redeemer ChurchCastroWed7:30 PM660218
Monday BeginnersSt Luke's Episcopal ChurchNob HillMon8:00 PMYY158337
Monday MondaySt Patrick's ChurchFinancialMon12:15 PM102050
Monday Night Big Book StudySt John's United Church of ChristLaguna HondaMon8:00 PMY263399
Moving Toward SerenitySt Thomas the Apostle ChurchOuter RichmondWed8:30 PM
NYXNew Liberation Presbyterian ChurchAlamo SquareSat7:00 PMYY716645
New Friday Big BookOld St Mary's ChurchFinancialFri12:00 PM172227
No ReservationsSt. Francis Lutheran ChurchCastroMon12:00 PM169975
NoontimeDry DockMarinaMon12:00 PM170607
Chips AhoyDry DockMarinaTue12:00 PM170607
Gone to the DogsDry DockMarinaThu12:00 PMY170607
North BeachSaints Peter & Paul Parish CenterNorth BeachThu6:00 PM
Ocean of SobrietySunset Youth ServicesOuter SunsetWed8:30 PM715224
Park PresidioMethodist ChurchInner RichmondMon8:30 PM102056
ParksideChurch of Christ Lake MercedParkmercedThu8:00 PM102057
Pax West Men's Daily ReflectionsOld St Mary's ChurchFinancialWed7:00 AM606661
Pax West Men's Prayer and MeditationOld St Mary's ChurchFinancialMon7:00 AM606661
PinehurstPinehurst LodgeParksideTue7:30 PM
Pocket AcesMission FellowshipMissionSun7:00 PMY
Potrero Hill 12 x 12St Teresa's Catholic ChurchPotrero HillMon6:30 PM693312
Progress Not PerfectionCastro Country ClubCastroTue8:30 PM164619
Raising the BottomFirst AME ChurchWestern AdditionWed8:00 PMY694633
Reality FarmSlovenian HallPotrero HillThu8:30 PMY646582
Relapses, Rebounds, Retreads & WinnersGratitude CenterInner SunsetTue6:30 PM
Rigorous HonestyVet CenterCivic CenterThu12:05 PMY687846
Road to FreedomCommunity Justice CenterCivic CenterMon12:00 PM
Safe and Sound Family SupportHaight AshburyWed4:00 PM664748
Saturday BeginnersCalifornia Pacific Medical CenterPacific HtsSat6:00 PMY176747
Saturday Easy Does ItChrist Episcopal ChurchPacific HtsSat12:00 PM130969
Saturday Night RegroupChurch of Christ Lake MercedParkmercedSat7:30 PM648655
Say Hey GroupUkrainian Orthodox ChurchSOMATue6:00 PM690077
Say Hey GroupUkrainian Orthodox ChurchSOMAWed6:00 PM690077
Serenity House OpenSerenity HouseAlamo SquareSat7:30 PM
Upstart Stag DiscussionSerenity HouseAlamo SquareWed7:30 PM
Serenity SeekersSt John's Presbyterian ChurchLaurel HtsMon7:30 PMY163497
Sesame StepNoe Valley MinistryNoe ValleyTue7:30 PMYY140810
Shamrocks & SerenityIrish Immigration Pastoral CenterInner RichmondMon7:30 PM704462
SinbarSt. Finn Barr Catholic ChurchInglesideSun8:00 PMY102071
Sober SaturdayUrban Life CenterCathedral HillSat8:30 AMY693975
Sobriety & Miracles S&M GroupCastro Country ClubCastroSat5:00 PM
Sometimes SlowlySt Cyprian's Episcopal ChurchWestern AdditionSat11:00 AMY134987
Step TalkDry DockMarinaSun8:30 AM657065
Steppin' UpChurch of Christ Lake MercedParkmercedTue6:30 PM664350
StonestownChurch of Christ Lake MercedParkmercedMon8:00 PMY102076
Sunday BookwormsSt John's Presbyterian ChurchLaurel HtsSun7:30 PM149103
Sunday Morning Gay Men's StagCastro Country ClubCastroSun9:30 AM166375
Sunday Night 3rd Step GroupSt Paul's ChurchNoe ValleySun5:00 PM660930
Sunday Night Castro Speaker DiscussionMost Holy Redeemer ChurchCastroSun7:30 PMY132870
Sunday SilenceEpiphany Church, O'Keefe HallCrocker AmazonSun7:00 PM
SundownChrist Church LutheranOuter SunsetWed7:00 PMYY123790
Sunrise Sunset Women's StepPinehurst LodgeParksideMon6:30 PMY148598
Sunset 11'ersSt. Anne's ChurchInner SunsetSun11:00 AMY610491
Sunset 11'ersSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetMon11:00 AM610491
Sunset 11'ersSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetTue11:00 AMY610491
Sunset 11'ersSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetWed11:00 AMY610491
Sunset 11'ersSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetThu11:00 AMY610491
Sunset 11'ersSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetFri11:00 AM610491
Sunset 11'ersSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetSat11:00 AM610491
Sunset 9'ersGratitude CenterInner SunsetSun8:00 AMY617650
Sunset 9'ersSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetMon9:00 AMY617650
Sunset 9'ersSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetTue9:00 AM617650
Sunset 9'ersGratitude CenterInner SunsetThu9:00 AMY617650
Experience, Strength & HopeSeventh Ave PresbyterianInner SunsetSat9:00 AMYYY617650
Sunset Speaker StepChrist Church LutheranOuter SunsetSun7:30 PMY265654
SurfChrist Church LutheranOuter SunsetTue8:00 PMYY102082
Sweat Pants GroupSt Teresa's Catholic ChurchPotrero HillTue7:30 AM
Ten Years AfterDolores Park ChurchMissionSun6:00 PMY637595
The Daily ReprieveFirst Unitarian Universalist CtrCathedral HillFri3:00 PMY
The Drive ThruOld St Mary's ChurchFinancialWed12:15 PMY673321
The ForumSt Ignatius ChurchUSFTue7:30 PM722257
The QuittersSt Teresa's Catholic ChurchPotrero HillWed7:00 PM
They Don't Know Who We AreCastro Country ClubCastroSat7:00 PM166690
Thursday Night Women'sLincoln Park Presbyterian ChurchOuter RichmondThu6:30 PMYY135900
Thursday ThumpersIngleside United Presbyterian ChurchInglesideThu7:00 PM711254
Too EarlySt Dominic's SchoolPacific HtsSat8:00 AMY140477
Trudgers DiscussionMethodist ChurchInner RichmondSun7:00 PM146897
Tuesday Big Book StudySt. Anne's ChurchInner SunsetTue6:00 PM140478
Tuesday DowntownWar Memorial Veteran's BuildingCivic CenterTue8:00 PMY102084
Tuesday Downtown BeginnersWar Memorial Veteran's BuildingCivic CenterTue7:00 PM102084
Tuesday Night Lasses Step StudyIrish Immigration Pastoral CenterInner RichmondTue6:30 PM
Twelve Steps To HappinessSt Ignatius ChurchUSFFri7:30 PM668476
Valencia SmokefreeMission FellowshipMissionFri6:00 PMY141348
Wake Up On 3rd St.Salvation ArmyBayviewSat8:00 AM
Walk Of ShameHoly Innocents Episcopal ChurchNoe ValleyWed8:00 PM637594
Washington SquaresNorth Beach CitizensNorth BeachSun6:00 PM630083
We CareCommunity Justice CenterCivic CenterTue12:05 PM124296
Wednesday Noon StepsMission FellowshipMissionWed12:00 PM
Wednesday Sunrise SmokefreeMission FellowshipMissionWed7:00 AMY
Weekend WorkerMission FellowshipMissionSat7:00 AMYY169266
West PortalSt John's United Church of ChristLaguna HondaWed8:00 PMY102087
Wharf RatsHoly Innocents Episcopal ChurchNoe ValleyThu8:15 PMY641504
What It's Like NowMission FellowshipMissionMon6:00 PM691815
Willing To GrowSt Luke's Episcopal ChurchNob HillSat8:00 AM
Wits End Step StudyGrace United Methodist ChurchParksideTue8:00 PMY146604
Women's 10 Years PlusNeighborhood HousePotrero HillThu6:15 PM660775
Women's Big Book StudyGratitude CenterInner SunsetTue11:50 AM716890
Women's Came to BelievePinehurst LodgeParksideSat10:00 AM458354
Women's Kitchen TableSt Philip's Church; Use GateNoe ValleyTue6:30 PMY169242
Women's Meeting: There is a SolutionSt John's Presbyterian ChurchLaurel HtsWed6:00 PMY688273
Women's PromisesNeighborhood CenterBernal HtsFri7:00 PMY659491
Work In ProgressWar Memorial Veteran's BuildingCivic CenterSat7:00 PM646140
Y.A.H.O.O. StepCastroSat11:30 AM676786

Marin Trusted Servants

Snapshot of currently registered trusted servants and Intergroup Representative (IGR). We encourage trusted servants to register with Central Office in case there is a question about your meeting.
12 & 12 StudyRedwood Presbyterian ChurchLarkspurSat8:15 AMY657385
12 by 12Marin Alano ClubSan RafaelTue12:00 PMY102169
7 AM GroupMasonic HallLarkspurSun7:00 AMY615562
7 AM GroupMasonic HallLarkspurTue7:00 AM615562
7 AM GroupMasonic HallLarkspurThu7:00 AM615562
A Vision For YouFairfaxSun7:30 PMY157903
AA By The BaySt. Luke ChurchSan RafaelTue7:30 PM
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxMon7:00 AM135163
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxTue7:00 AM135163
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxThu7:00 AM135163
Attitude Adjustment HourFairfaxSat7:00 AMY135163
AwakeningsNazarene ChurchNovatoSat8:30 AMY605044
Awareness / AcceptanceSt. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish HallSan RafaelMon10:30 AMYY138593
Back To BasicsMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSun9:30 AMY
Beginners HelpNovato United MethodistNovatoThu8:00 PM
Big Book Topic DiscussionMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelThu12:00 PM138946
Bounce BackStrawberry Rec CenterMill ValleyMon6:00 PM688306
CaledoniaCity HallSausalitoSun8:00 PM
Candlelight MeditationHoly Innocents ChurchCorte MaderaMon7:30 PM697162
Closed Women's Step StudyNovato United MethodistNovatoTue3:30 PMYY172677
Conscious ContactFirst Presbyterian ChurchSan AnselmoSat6:00 PM
Corte Madera Saturday CandlelightHillside ChurchCorte MaderaSat8:00 PMYY
Cover to CoverHillside Church of MarinSan RafaelWed7:30 PMY668924
CrossroadsPediatrics Bldg, Rms 1&2Terra LindaSun12:00 PMYYY
East San Rafael Big BookSt. SylvesterSan RafaelMon7:30 PM
Experience, Strength & HopeMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSat6:00 PM
Fathers in RecoverySt. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish HallSan RafaelMon6:30 PMY
FiresideBolinas Children's CenterBolinasFri8:00 PM627744
Freedom FindersAldersgate ChurchTerra LindaFri8:30 PM100939
Friday Night BookRedwood Presbyterian ChurchLarkspurFri8:30 PMYY145454
Glum Not!Redwood High SchoolLarkspurSun9:00 AM
GratitudeChrist Episcopal ChurchSausalitoTue8:00 PM102261
Greenfield NewcomersFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelSun7:00 PMY710873
Happy DestinySt. SylvesterSan RafaelFri7:00 PMY675119
Happy, Joyous & FreeMethodist ChurchMill ValleyMon12:00 PMY133285
Happy, Joyous & FreeMethodist ChurchMill ValleyTue12:00 PM133285
Happy, Joyous & FreeMethodist ChurchMill ValleyThu12:00 PM133285
Happy, Joyous & FreeMethodist ChurchMill ValleyFri12:00 PM133285
High & DrySausalito Cruising ClubSausalitoWed12:00 PMY161660
Intimate FeelingsThe Quest ChurchNovatoSat10:00 AMYY163596
Inverness Sunday SerenityJack Mason MuseumInvernessSun10:00 AM146895
Keep It Simple SisterNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoThu7:00 PMYYY
Larkspur HavenRedwood High SchoolLarkspurSun12:00 PMY
Last Stop Men's Step StudyNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoWed6:00 PMYY
Living Sober LadiesHillside ChurchCorte MaderaThu10:00 AM724401
Marin Young PeopleMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelFri8:30 PM100540
Men's 2 PlusLarkspurMon7:00 PM
Mill ValleyLog CabinMill ValleySun8:00 AM144359
Mill ValleyLog CabinMill ValleyWed7:00 AM144359
Mill ValleyLog CabinMill ValleyThu7:00 AM144359
Mill ValleyLog CabinMill ValleySat8:00 AM144359
Mill Valley DiscussionChurch of Our SaviorMill ValleyWed8:30 PMY101605
Monday BluesFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelMon6:45 PMYYY
Monday MiraclesPeace Lutheran ChurchMill ValleyMon6:30 PMY720861
Monday Night MadnessRed Hill ChurchSan AnselmoMon6:00 PM
Monday Night Women's GroupSt. Luke ChurchSan RafaelMon8:00 PM123068
Monday NoonersThe Quest ChurchNovatoMon12:00 PMYYY671422
Morning AfterCommunity CenterMill ValleySat10:00 AMY120358
Morning Attitude AdjustmentPt. Reyes Fire StationPt. Reyes StationSat8:00 AM601124
Nativity Monday Night Big BookEpiscopal Church of the NativityMarinwoodMon8:00 PM639928
North Marin SpeakerDruids HallNovatoSun12:00 PM120620
Not A Glum Lot GroupFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelFri8:00 PMYYY
Novato PrideUnity in MarinNovatoTue6:00 PM
Novato Spirit DiscussionSt. Francis of Assisi Episcopal ChurchNovatoFri2:00 PM172680
On Awakening GroupMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaSun5:30 AMYY
On Awakening GroupMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaMon5:30 AM
On Awakening GroupMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaThu5:30 AM
On Awakening GroupMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaSat5:30 AM
PathfindersNazarene ChurchNovatoTue12:00 PMY
Primary PurposeThe Quest ChurchNovatoWed8:30 PM100722
Quitting TimeFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelWed5:30 PM157904
Quitting TimeFirst United Methodist ChurchSan RafaelThu5:30 PM157904
RefugeeNazarene ChurchNovatoThu12:00 PMY
Rise N ShineDruids HallNovatoSun10:00 AMYY604125
San Geronimo ValleySan Geronimo Valley Presbyterian ChurchSan GeronimoMon7:30 PMY129453
San Geronimo Valley Book StudySan Geronimo Valley Presbyterian ChurchSan GeronimoFri7:30 PM627536
Saturday Weekend WarriorStrawberry Rec CenterMill ValleySat8:30 AMY
SerendipityMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSat11:00 AM124717
Sisters In SobrietyEpiscopal Church of the NativityMarinwoodThu7:00 PMY178385
Six O'Clock SunsetLutheran ChurchNovatoThu6:00 PM
Sober & SereneNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoFri7:00 PMY135331
Sober SistersFirst Presbyterian ChurchSan AnselmoWed12:00 PMY
Step 11 / Gong MeditationFirst Presbyterian ChurchSan AnselmoThu5:30 PM721116
Steps To FreedomLutheran ChurchTerra LindaMon7:30 PM125090
Steps To The SolutionMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelWed7:15 PM
Sunday ExpressNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoSun6:00 PM167732
Sunday FriendshipRed Hill ChurchSan AnselmoSun6:00 PM129638
Sunday Night Corte MaderaMarin Lutheran ChurchCorte MaderaSun8:00 PM101096
SurvivorsMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelMon12:00 PM101537
T. G. I. TuesdayMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelTue6:00 PM
Terra LindaSt. Isabella'sTerra LindaThu8:30 PMY102323
The Barnyard GroupDruids HallNovatoSat4:00 PMYY130619
There Is A SolutionNorth Marin Community ServicesNovatoTue6:00 PMY691363
Three Step GroupMethodist ChurchMill ValleySat5:30 PM
Thursday Night SpeakerMt. Carmel SchoolMill ValleyThu8:30 PM135713
Tiburon Women's CandlelightWestminster ChurchTiburonWed8:00 PMY120965
Tuesday Beginners MeetingMethodist ChurchMill ValleyTue7:00 PMYY102333
Tuesday ChipCommunity CenterSan RafaelTue8:30 PMYY102161
We, Us And OursMill ValleyMon6:50 PMY177232
Wednesday Mid-weekMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelWed6:00 PM
Wednesday Night CandlelightSan Geronimo Valley Presbyterian ChurchSan GeronimoWed8:00 PM101683
Wednesday NoonMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelWed12:00 PM102170
Wednesday SundownersDruids HallNovatoWed6:00 PMY157176
What's It All AboutNazarene ChurchNovatoFri12:00 PM672445
Wholly Together 11th Step Meditation MeetingEpiscopal Church of the NativityMarinwoodWed7:00 PMYY710487
Women's 12 x 12Hillside ChurchCorte MaderaFri10:30 AMY
Women's Big BookHillside ChurchCorte MaderaTue10:30 AMY160586
Women's Lunch BunchSt. Paul's Episcopal Church Parish HallSan RafaelFri12:00 PMY176748
Women's MeetingMarin Alano ClubSan RafaelSun4:30 PM
Working DogsNazarene ChurchNovatoWed12:00 PMY159943
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