Safe Sobriety

Friday: 07:00 pm


The Safe Sobriety group is an online AA meeting that aims to minimize disruptions from hate speech and pornography. To do that, we require first-time participants to register:

1. Click on the Zoom link for the meeting.
2. Fill in the registration form and click the Register button. You don't have to enter your last name in the registration form.
3. Respond to an email from the meeting host. This makes sure people who want to disrupt the meeting can’t use fake email addresses.
4. After the meeting host has read your reply, you will be added to the participants list.
5. You will then get a confirmation email with the title "Safe Sobriety Confirmation"

The confirmation email will contain a "Click Here to Join" link. You'll be able to use that link to join future meetings.

We know this is complicated, but doing things this way makes it harder for people who want to disrupt the meeting to join, and easy for us to block them from the meeting. Because registering will take a while, both for you and the meeting host, please be sure to start this at least a half-hour before the first meeting you want to attend.